Thursday, January 31, 2013

Time is Going a Little Too Fast

As January comes to an end good bye January, don't hurry back!  and I start planning for February, filling out my calendar and writing down important dates, I realized I will be attending Molly's Kindergarten orientation and we will celebrate her 5th birthday.  What was that?  How is she growing up so fast?!  I think it's pretty obvious that I have a hard time coming to terms that my children growing up and aging or me realizing that I'm aging fast and I just want to hang on to these early years.  I am so thankful that I am home with our children and get to be here for every ouchy, cuddle, and life event!  But, little by little, everyday, you have to let go and let them grow, which I didn't realize would be so much fun either!  I knew it would be hard but I didn't count on how fun it is to hear Jack talk about school and his friends, what he's learning and experiencing!  I love Molly telling me about preschool, watching her dance and sing at story time at the library thank you for a wonderful new library and story time!!  and seeing her do gymnastics is a highlight of the week!  Will, oh Will, my sweet little guy who loves soccer, dinosaurs, not real ones though, just pretend dinosaurs, and is so ready to be big "like my bother and sitster!"  each day is so much fun!  I love every age and stage my kids are experiencing, and I love that I'm right there with them!  But now, I'm signing Molly up for Kindergarten Kleenex please, Jack's striving in 1st grade, and preschool registration is right around the corner for Will...ugh!  Stop!  But it won't stop, they will keep on growing, learning, needing cuddles, and love, which I will always be happy to give and a few extra!!

Here are some cute "old" pictures of my sweeties!  To be honest, all of these pictures were taken yesterday it seems like, crazy!

One of my all time favorites of Jack, love this little fella!  Melts my heart that he's now an almost toothless guy again and turning 7 soon!
Just add a little more hair and teeth and that's Molly today!  See hasn't aged one bit!  She'll be thankful for that at my age!  Love this precious little girl! 
I truly think this is one of my favorites!  The hair, the sweet smile, the Will! There are way better pictures of him but this one always makes me smile!
Really, this was only a little over 3 years ago!  
Three little Jayhawks!
Thanks for letting me share and be sentimental!  Have a Great Day!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Soccer Star Will!

Oh yes, that's right, our Will is playing soccer!  He may be a little try a lot on the active side and needed to do something with all of his energy!  Of course, he is too young for basketball, baseball, and gymnastics and swimming for kids his age were only Mommy and Me, which doesn't work because 1. Molly would have to sit and watch, alone.  2.  He clings to me anytime I'm in the room with him in classes and large groups.  No.  I finally found Happy Feet Soccer for kids ages 2-5, a 30 minute class to teach kids soccer skills, sing songs, and get out tons of energy!

The first class was fun...he held my hand the entire time and finally let go to clean up and get a stamp.  Things have improved since, he plays the entire time without me and loves it!  Here is a bit of picture overload of our cutie playing soccer!

Stretching at the start of class!
Lining up for the soccer balls!
His favorite part, getting ready to kick the ball!

Tiptoeing on "Bob the Soccer Ball" 

Such precious little feet!

Kicking the ball backwards



Love it!

He would love to kick the ball, run after it, and repeat...all day long!

Playing a game, waking up the dinosaurs, these are the sleeping dinosaurs

More practicing!

Cleaning up, one of his favorites!

Stamps are so cool!

We love soccer!

This is his "Mom, are you done taking pictures now?" look!
Go Will!  Love seeing my guy playing soccer!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Where are Jack's Teeth?!

Last night while the kids were getting ready for bed and brushing their teeth, Will was staring at Jack.  Jack was looking in the mirror while brushing his teeth and admiring his empty mouth.  Jack is missing his two top teeth and two bottom ones are very close to coming out!  Jack would brush the top teeth, spit, examine his teeth in the mirror, proceed to the bottom row, and repeat the cycle.  Will was fascinated!  I helped Will finish up his brushing and told him he needed to keep brushing his teeth everyday to keep his teeth healthy.  Will replies, "more healthy then Jack's teeth, all of Jack's teeth keep falling out because he does bad at brushing!"  Love my observant 3 year old, poor guy is so confused over all of Jack's teeth falling out!

Love this guy so much!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Few Pictures of our New House!

This is about five months overdue, but, better late then never!

Please be advised:

1.  We need stuff for the walls. like now!  I just stare at them and think, why are our walls so bare?  Our last house had tons of windows and shelves in most rooms, so only a few things were needed on the walls in each room!  Our new house, has windows, but no built in shelves, and a lot more wall space!!  Like a lot!

Ok, that's all to be advised for!

Welcome to our house!  

Front entry, stairs (obviously!), dining room to the right, family room straight ahead!

Dining room, and a good view of our front door!

Another view!  Love this room!  Still need a rug and thinking about recovering our chairs
Our family room, leads you into the kitchen!  Quite possibly the most used room in our house!

Our kitchen!  Wow, it's super clean!  This is the runner up to the most used room in our house! I love this room, so I know I'm in here so much!  Love it!
 There are other angles and views, like a table, but I don't have any pictures of those parts, next time!

Our backyard!  Such cute boys!
We're really enjoying our new house and it feels like home!  Now, any ideas for things to put up on the wall?!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Go Wildcats!

Jack is playing basketball this winter and he is doing awesome and we've seen such improvement over the past few months!  Last fall, he participated in a weekly basketball class before his team started practicing.  Since his school had so many boys sign-up, they split into two teams but still practiced together throughout December.  The way the league set things up, the boys practice right before the game, love it!  Except for the fact that we have to arrive at the school a early, games run over, and we have two little ones that are bored by the time halftime rolls around!  We learned the hard way the first game by bringing nothing for them to do!  Second game, we came with toys, coloring books, and Molly made a new friend with a Hello Kitty Ipad game!

Here are pictures from Jack's second game, which was by far the best of the two games so far!  And thanks to Eric's dad, my dad, and brother for attending the games!  Maybe an extra thanks to Eric's dad for taking Will and Molly home with him at halftime of the first game!

Practice with his team!

Love that smile!

His team, no worries, they only play 3 on 3!

Coach Scott giving the team some game advice!


Working on defense, something they didn't so good at the first game!

Such form
Right after halftime, after coloring and before the Ipad!
Both teams after the game!  

 Stay tuned for more updates on basketball, he has games though February!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Hooray! It's Friday!!

Can you tell how happy we are the weekend is here?!  We are so ready!  I can't express enough how excited I am that the weekend is here!  This first week back in the swing of things has worn me out!  

Have a great weekend!  

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What the Kids are Saying

We went to a basketball game at our local high school a few weeks ago...the boys loved every second, Molly did not.  She needed a drink, the bathroom, to walk around, starving, she was starving, and wanted us to walk home.  She drove everyone around her crazy, and we love her to pieces!  Cheerleaders and a band didn't distract her, but towards the end of the game, she wanted to go look for the pool.  "Where's the pool?  Where's the pool, I want to find it."  I kept asking her why she thought there was a pool.
"Those kids over there (the high schoolers in the crowd) are dressed in their swimsuits and are going swimming after the game."  They were dressed for Hawaiian night.

At the same game...Jack, "What channel is this basketball game on?"  Eric, "It's not on TV."  Jack, "Oh, then are my basketball games on TV?"  You know, for his 1st grade basketball team.

Every time we ask Will to say please, he says, "Please, please, chocolate pudding."

Today at gymnastics, Molly's class was playing with the huge parachute and the entire class went under.  Will, watching through the window, went, "Oh no!  Where's Molly?!"  He was so concerned about his big sister!

Banana-head is a new nickname around here.

Why?!  This is Will's new favorite.

Dinner's not even ready and I hear from one or all three children, "Ew!" "Yuck!"  "Worse dinner ever!"  It's really an ego booster.

"You're my favorite Mommy"  and "You're the best Mommy I've ever had!"

Will started soccer yesterday, which was so adorable but he was a little on the shy side.  Meaning, he held my hand the entire time.  Well, except for the last 4 minutes when it was time to clean up, he was all over that!  But, on the way home, "I scored three goals!  I'm a big boy playing soccer!"

"If it's this cold, where's the snow?"  Best question ever.

Monday, January 7, 2013


Molly completed her level 1 gymnastics in December!  Starting this week, she starts in level 2!  Here are some pictures from her last class for the fall semester!  For the last class, the kids get to free play and siblings get to play too!

She loves gymnastics!


Such form!

We love the trampoline!

Pretty much where he spent the whole hour!

Helping his big sister!

Will's turn!

"I'm really good at the balance beam!" 

Getting her certificate!  

Yay Molly!
I'm excited to see her learning more this semester in gymnastics!  We're so proud of our girl!