Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Kids Rooms in Texas

When we moved to Texas four years ago, I didn't think to take pictures of my kids old rooms in our house in Kansas.  I really wish Molly and Jack could see their first rooms, even though Molly was in hers for only two months!  Jack's room was so adorable and I can't believe we took only a few pictures of his first room!  Even our Realtor didn't take any pictures for selling our house, but we do have a video of us walking around to each room of our old house saying good-bye the night before our movers came to pack us up.

So, when we moved back to Kansas from Texas, I made sure to take pictures of the kids rooms!  These are the rooms they will remember and have lived in the longest.  After I took pictures though, I realized our Realtor took better ones!  Yay for awesome Realtor's!

Jack's room!  
Jack's room was one of the first rooms we painted, he loves blue and this is for sure his room!  Usually, his room was covered in Lego's, books, trains, and cars!  He would hole up in his room and play for hours, sometimes with friends or his siblings, other times by himself, creating a world he loved to imagine in!  He is a pack rat, keeping everything from a cheap Halloween ring from Sunday School, his handwriting books from preschool and Kindergarten, and every book imaginable!  I love discovering his keep stakes!  Usually a mess but Jack could find anything in 0.2 seconds, loved everyone reading in his room at night or being the gathering place to put on pajamas!  What a fun room to watch a little 2 year old boy grow into a such a loving, sweet, smart now 1st grader!
Molly's room!
I loved her room!  It was feminine yet spunky, perfect for our girl!  She loved playing dress up with her friends in here and with her doll house (which was in storage while our house was on the market).  She loved sitting in her Dora chair reading books or looking out her window at the exciting neighborhood below!  Her bow holder displays her eclectic personality but was also a great way to store all her bows!  Where the flowers on the wall hang is where we usually stored her art work from home and school!  I truly love those flowers though!  This is the room Molly will remember as her first, I'll remember late night and early morning feedings with her, watching her transition from her crib, toddler bed and now big girl bed, and growing from a baby to a big girl! I'll also remember watching her wave to me out her window, snuggles, reading books, laying with her while she was sick, and walking in on her and her friends jumping on her bed...every play date!

Will's room!
The perfect "baby" room!  This was the smallest bedroom in our house!  I truly loved this room too!  His furniture fit in here perfect and the reason I held off on moving him to a "big boy bed" was because I knew this room showed best with a crib!  It's so cute!  I love his bedding, the same one we used with Jack (and no picture!  Why?!), we have curtains that match but took them down to give more light to his room and show the great view, a beautiful Crepe Merle tree!  His frog chair has been one of his favorites since he began to crawl, I remember the day he learned to get into the chair and sit there all by himself, such a proud boy!  We had a glider there but sold it on Craiglists before we put our house on the market.  Lots of late nights and snuggles in this room, the perfect first room for our Pugs!

Tomorrow, I'll share the kids new rooms in our new house!  Here's to cleaning up their rooms and taking awesome pictures!  Happy Wednesday!


  1. All cute rooms Liz! I think I was in Molly's room, but never the boys. Have ya'll painted their new rooms yet? Hope everyone is doing well :)

    1. Thanks Becky! I loved them all! We didn't have to do anything to their rooms or our house, we're planning on painting our office and the playroom, but that will be a good winter project!

  2. great rooms!! love the colors!!
    we have 8 bedrooms in our was fun decorating and letting the kids of my girls in college now painted her room bright bright orange...she is kind of embarrassed about it now...
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

    1. Wow! 8 bedrooms! I love decorating rooms and kids rooms are so fun! Thanks for following and I will follow back for sure!


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