Friday, November 9, 2012

The Kids New Rooms!

Sorry about not posting yesterday...woke up to Will's freezing hands crawling into bed with us at 6 in the morning, realizing that it was unusually cold in our house.  Yep, our heater ignition was igniting...didn't know that was possible but at 63 degrees in our house, it was a bit chilly!  Even though it has been gorgeous here, highs close to the 70's during the's cold at night and supposed to get down into the 20's by the weekend!  Yikes!  Turning into a long story, got the heater fixed but didn't have time to blog!

I did take pictures of the kids rooms!  Snaps for me!  The boys room is first...they decided to share which is going so amazing!  We have been so blessed that all the rooms were move-in ready and matched our things perfectly!  I really love our house!

Looking into the boys room from their door!  I love their big window that overlooks our front yard!

They share the dresser and their pennants nicely displayed, need to add a few more though!

Another view of their door and dresser, I will admit them sharing a dresser has made me become more creative with storage!

The bunk bed!  Jack sleeps up top and Will's on the bottom...Will needs a new comforter (hello Christmas!) and I would love someway to put their names up or add something to the wall, just not sure what!  And of course their closet, it's a work in progress!
Now for Molly's room...I actually wanted to boys to share her room because it is huge!  But, it's decorated for a girl, "This is a girl's room and I'm a girl, so this is my room!"  Was her winning argument!  And honestly, it's perfect for her and not sure how the bunk bed would work in there!  When showing her room to visitors, "My room is so adorable!"

A view from her door!  I love her room and can see her growing into a teenager here! 

She loves her window seat, looking for a pillow or cushion for her since she loves to sit here, reading and watching the world go by!  And yes, got her a new comforter set and the polka dots were all ready here! 

Another angle, the door in the middle is her closet and the door on the right leads to a little playroom...awesome! The boys gave up on the room because she said their Lego's could go in there!  
The walkway leading to the Lego room...and no pictures of this disaster, it's a nightmare! And there is small crawl space in this area too!  A perfect spot to display her artwork!

Looking from her bed, the small doors is another crawl space for...
...the dollhouse!  This is the cool hang out spot for girls and I would love to find more pillows for her and her friends to curl up with! A very popular hide-n-go-seek spot too! 
 Hope you enjoyed seeing the kids rooms!  With the boys sharing, that means we have an empty room ready to be turned into a guest room!  Any ideas for that?!


  1. I love how Molly is hiding in the corner in the picture from the her doorway. So cute!

  2. Super cute!!! The little crawlspace it so cool…that's any kid's dream!!


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