Friday, November 16, 2012


On Monday, we sold a chair and couch on Craigslist, yay to new furniture arriving next Tuesday and a huge room for the kids to run around in!  Our basement is open with one Elmo chair to sit on and it's not very comfortable to be quite honest!  Come on Tuesday!

Getting the chair out was super easy, the couch was polar opposite!  We had to take down the railings, all the light fixtures, and the walls were scratched going up...and eventually the couch was stuck in the stairs, so not kidding!  So, Eric and I would go back to the bottom of the stairs, start a new plan, with Eric saying, "this is going to work" and then get stuck again.  At one point, Eric was telling to just move the couch a little, "try turning it."  There was so way to "turn" the couch in the narrow staircase, so I reply sarcastically "you mean pivot?"  "Exactly!  This is going to work!" All I kept thinking was this....
Pretty much sums up our attempt to move the couch together, minus Chandler, I was more the Rachel (of course)!  When the guys came to move to couch they just stared between the couch and the stairs.  About an hour later, the couch was loaded onto their truck and if I truly knew how difficult it was to move the couch out, that couch would still be in our basement!  Not quite sure how our movers moved it down there but they did awesome!  Now, it's time to put the railings and light fixtures back on, speckle and paint and wait for our new couch!  We choose a couch that is a sectional and it will look fabulous in our finished basement!

And remember...PIVOT!

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