Monday, November 5, 2012

Meals for the week of November 5th!

Happy Monday!  I'm back for another week of meals for our family!  I'm proud to report that I only went to Costco and the grocery store once, yay me!  I stocked up at Costco for the month (fingers crossed) but I did find some Christmas presents I need to go back and get, so hopefully I can just get those and nothing else!

At the grocery store, I got "the rest," things that they don't sell at Costco or that I don't want a 100 pound bag of!  You know, creamer, rice (I have NO WHERE to store a huge rice bag!), cottage cheese, "the rest."  We ate out once over the weekend, which I planned on and so far, November is going good, budget and all!

If you missed out on last week's menu, here it is!  Would love to hear your thoughts or menu ideas for your family!

Here is our menu for the upcoming week!  I'm making a few family favorites and a few new recipes that look amazing!

Monday, November 5th:

Spaghetti with meat sauce!
I found a sauce recipe on Pinterest (of course) but I have some jar leftover, so I might mix the two together and see what happens, saving the leftovers in the freezer!  We'll see how our Monday goes!
Pairing that with garlic bread I found on sale at the grocery store (love half price day old bread, just pop in the freezer and defrost when ready!) and salad.

Tuesday, November 6th:
Election night, a night where I'm on edge and just want to know who wins!  The Bush/Gore year election night was rough, I was so on edge, just tell me who our President is and I'll be able to sleep once I know either way!

Hot dogs!  I know we had those last week but I didn't freeze the extras that I didn't make into Mummy dogs.  Plus, I don't like hot dogs and I have Pilate's, so my family will be happy and I'll be happy not eating them.

Wednesday, November 7th:
One of my faves and thanks to Pinterest, this is becoming a family favorite!

I pretty much follow the recipe, except I add mixed veggies instead of just peas.  Serve with rice (I use instant rice but whatever you want works!  I only give a little to our family because the meal is great alone!) and I'll also have fruit on the side!  Delicious, filling and tons of leftovers!

Thursday, November 8th:

Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole, my friend made this for us last month and we had more then half left over, so I refroze and we'll eat it again this week.  I don't have the recipe, but need to get it for my recipes.  Delicious and 4/5 of our family ate most off their plates (Will doesn't like rice).  I try not to make too much rice for obvious reasons but we don't make a lot of rice with our Wednesday meal, so I'm risking it!

Friday, November 9th:
Homemade Pizza~a staple in our house and I know I did English muffin pizza's last week, but Eric wanted pizza one night this week!  So, I just buy a packet of instant pizza dough mix, add water and let sit for 5 minutes.  Spread on a greased cookie sheet (makes more), add toppings and bake according to directions!  Easy and a crowd pleaser!

Saturday, November 10th:
Lunch~Grilled ham and cheese sandwiches!  Some people only like grilled cheese, Eric and I love grilled cheese with ham and apricot jam (a recipe my friend Sherri shared with us, thanks!), others like grilled ham and cheese!  Chips and fruit top off another delicious lunch!

Dinner~Grill out!  We have some brats and hot dogs in our freezer, so we'll fire up the grill tonight!  I love me a brat!

Sunday, November 11th:
Lunch~Nachos!  Yum, tortilla chips, shredded cheese, salsa!  Can't go wrong!  I don't add anything else, but obviously there are so many things to add to this deliciousness, my crew just won't eat it!

Dinner~Another Pinterest find and I'm so excited to try it!  Loaded Potato and Chicken Buffalo Casserole!    Is your mouth watering?  Eric's not a huge casserole guy but I think this one will win him over!  I'll let you know what we think!

Special thanks to Whole New Mom and Cook Lisa Cook for their recipes!  And would love to hear any recipes your family loves!  I'm linking up today with Mom Monday Mingle!  


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