Thursday, November 29, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving 2012 was a success, especially because I had a stomach bug Tuesday and Wednesday...I managed to make the food, no one got sick, and I didn't get sick at all on Thursday!  Yes!

Eric's parents, sister Katie, brother Todd and grandma Mogo came, along with my parents, brother Matt, grandma Nita, Aunt Kim, Uncle Tom and cousin Chris came too!  Whew!  Big group, but a lot of fun!

Eric smoked a turkey and I cooked one in the oven, and both were delicious!  Eric's mom made her famous and delicious cranberry sauce...let's pause a moment to reflect on the wonderful flavors!  They the rest of the traditional Thanksgiving items, I think next year I might make a corn relish or mix in a new recipe!

Moving on...I only took a few pictures but it really was a fun day!

Dessert...Will and Molly wanted ice cream, why kids, why when there is pumpkin pie?!

Watching football or eyeing the dessert table, you pick!

Will with my only cousin Chris

I move chairs!

And Grandma moves kids!

Eric's brother Todd waiting on his turkey to smoke...he smoked a 22 lb. turkey so he could have his own leftovers!

Will asked for a bowl of cool-whip, how could I say no?
Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  What a great way to kick off the Holiday season with great food, family, naps, and leftovers!

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