Friday, November 30, 2012

A Tree Skirt...That I made!

When I became a grown up, I inherited a few items from my parents to kick start my life...some furniture, dishes, and Christmas items.  Most of the things I inherited are long gone or tucked away high in a kitchen cupboard, except for those Christmas items.  A lot has been added to our Christmas decor over the years, but I still bring out those things I inheritered, most from my childhood,  that I love to display around our house.

Except for the Christmas tree skirt I inherited.  Up until two years ago, I loved it! The tree skirt brought back so many memories and I loved the old fashionness of it!  But, I began getting sick of seeing it and really, the tree skirt was not aging well.  Last year, after another Christmas of thinking how ugly that tree skirt was, I went on a mission to find the perfect replacement on clearance!

FAIL!  Could not find one I liked, so, I figured I would find the perfect one when all the Christmas decorations came out to the stores.  Fail again!

Hello my obsession Pinterest!  I found these inspirations

Courtesy of The Crafted Sparrow!  LOVE THIS!

And they were no sew!  Yes!  I figured I could recover our old skirt!  

So, off to Joann's I went and fell in love with all the fabrics and really want to start up sewing again and picked the perfect fabrics! I picked four fabrics, one yard of each, obviously any fabric and color combos work...the red, white and blue tree skirt had felt and she said that was hard to work with, so I didn't go with the felt.  Then, I gathered my supplies...

The 90's called, they want their tree skirt back!

The flip side, so outdated!

Say hello to my little friend!  WARNING:  A lot of glue sticks will be used! Is it sad I want more glue sticks for Christmas?  
Then I cut my fabric into strips, I just followed my tile table lines, seen above.  Very technical I know.

Very technical!

Cut up until all the fabric is cut, there will be extras and that's OK...I promise!  Then, glue away!  You might have a zillion glue strings on you, but that's OK too!  I just made the fabric into ruffles, I started off having the ruffles super close but a little further apart worked too, and I think looks a lot better!

The first layer!  Love it!

See...a little too close together!  Oh well, I seem  to like to learn things the hard way!

Second layer...this is what happens when you don't "exactly" measure everything the same! Good thing it's multi-layered!

The first two layers done!  Love how it looks!
 About halfway through, nap time was over, the kids were home from school, snacks, homework, and dinner had to be made, so I have no more pictures until the final...and here it is!!!
Yay!  I made it!  The top doesn't really lay flat, but it doesn't matter!

So pretty!

Around the tree!  It looks so pretty but wow, I need some pictures on my wall!

A close up!
Thank you Pinterest, The Crafted Sparrow, and my family for letting me finish and understanding that Buffalo Wild Wings served a better dinner that night!  What have you made for Christmas around the house?

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