Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A small, tad, little fib...

I'll be honest, last weeks meals were all in good intention but I knew a few things while writing that post.

1.  We were going out of town all weekend and none of those meals were going to be made over the weekend.

2.  I knew that the meals for Wednesday-Friday were sort of/maybe going to be made but not sure.

3.  Not quite sure how people plan a whole month in advance for meals, so not that organized or on top of things!  Plus, we had a friend over on Friday night with her two kids and then my brother-in-law came over too, no way would one homemade pizza feed nine of us!  Enchiladas it was!

I'll get back to posting about our meals for the week most likely the week after Thanksgiving because we all know what I'll be serving next Thursday and the three days after!

Here are some meals I did make that the family loved and turned out awesome!  Thank God for buying meat on sale and deep freezers!

~Pioneer Woman Sloppy Joes
I may have a slight crush on The Pioneer Woman, as in I record her show and want to spend a week on the ranch with her, just eating all of her food and becoming her new best friend!  I eliminated the butter and replaced the green peppers with red peppers, odd but still delicious!  I also included homemade french fries, so incredible I have to arm wrestle Will for the last crumbs (and he usually wins)!  Just slice cover the pan and foil with olive oil, pepper, and seasoning, I usually use Lowry's Seasoning Salt but they are wonderful with Cajun seasoning if you want an extra kick!

~Red Beans and Rice
Speaking of kick and Cajun, I love this dinner, it's so homey and yummy, plus easy!  I just cook red kidney beans and smoked sausage, season with Cajun seasoning and put on top of rice!  A huge crown pleaser!

Another Pioneer Women (obsession!), but I didn't fry the tortillas, add butter, and I added a lot of black beans!  So.  Darn.  Delicious!  Love the kick of green chile's!  And I have leftovers!  I'm hungry now just thinking about them!

I'll be back on track the rest of the week!  Need to share our adventure to St. Louis and a funny story about a couch!

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