Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Best Birthday Ever!

Last week, I celebrated my 33rd birthday!  The day was a top five birthday and I was spoiled rotten by my family, especially my sweet husband!

I woke up to him saying, "I took the day off and you have a massage at 9.  Go and enjoy your day!  Just be home by 5."  Um...OK!  He got the kids fed, dressed, made Jack's lunch, and took everyone to school, while I took my time getting ready and enjoyed my coffee!  Heaven.

I had to arrive to my massage early, so I got there about 25 minutes, changed into a robe, and soaked my feet in a hot tub.  And just sat in the quiet, relaxing, peaceful room.  My hour massage was a head to toe body massage and it was the BEST EVER!  My last massage was in November 2005, I was 5 months pregnant with Jack, and I'm not sure why I waited 7 years for this massage...I promise my next massage will not be 7 years from now!  When I'll be...gulp...40!  After the massage, I took about a 25 minute steam shower, amazing, and took my time getting ready!  The massage was at one of my favorite salons and it's an Aveda salon, I love all of the products and luckily, I used all the products after my shower!  Hair gel?  Sure!  Lotion?  Of course!

I left feeling refreshed and a little unsure about my freedom!  No schedules, car seats, kids to feed, a new experience for me on Wednesday!  I ran errands, went to stores I would never go to with children, and took my time looking at everything!  It was so much fun!  I went home around 1 to eat lunch, nap, and chat with all my friends who sent such sweet texts, emails, and called!  I prepared things for Will's birthday party (next post!) and had time to catch up with my favorite Housewives from New Jersey!

At 5, we all headed down to the Plaza for dinner at Buca di Pepo!  Yummy!  We had our rehearsal dinner there and my sister-in-laws high school graduation dinner there at the kitchen table, so much fun and a great place full of memories!  The kids loved it and were slightly overwhelmed with everything to look at!  Of course, our booth had a photo of two boxers in a fight and they all thought it was hilarious that there were "two boys in their underwear on the wall!"  The only down part of the day was being embarrassed by all the waiters singing "Happy Birthday" to me in front of the everyone.

We walked around the Plaza a little bit and then headed home to eat ice cream cake and open presents!  The cake was delicious and I'm excited to start using my Kindle Fire!  Someone read my blog!  What a sweet family I have!

Part of the birthday fun is having Will's birthday eight days after mine!  His party was last Saturday and we will celebrate him turning 3 this week!  Thanks for all the birthday love!


  1. What a fantastic surprise for your birthday! Eric did good...

  2. Happy Belated Birthday Liz! How sweet of Eric to suprise you with a free day!


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