Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fire Truck Birthday Party

To start, Mother of the Year took one picture of my son's 3rd birthday party.  But he had a lot of fun and that's the most important part...right?!  Big time fail on my part!  Continue reading now...

When Will told me he wanted a fire truck birthday party, I thought this would be the easiest party ever.  October is fire safety month and tons of boys love fire trucks, there had to be plates, cups, and all party supplies at Hobby Lobby or Party City.  Wrong!  I found nothing!  After searching five stores for invites and a huge knot forming in my stomach from not finding anything fire related, I went home and searched the internet aka Pinterest!  I found amazing parties, if you have a $1000 budget!  Really, rent a fire truck that serves pizzas?  Awesome but no.  I found a ton of stuff on Etsy too, but it was really expensive for a kid party.  Evite didn't have an invite either!  Panic!  I finally found some on Amazon, very cute, inexpensive and exactly what I wanted!  Whew!  But...still no plates, cups, napkins, nothing with a fire truck!  Seriously shocked!  My mom had to special order the party favors~fire fighter hats and fire truck tattoos!  Crazy!

Since I stressed and worried about finding the right "stuff,"  the party ended up being very easy!  I cleaned the house, hung red, white and black streamers from our ceiling, made red and black pom poms from tissue paper, and we had red and black napkins.  He wanted pizza, so luckily, Papa Murphy's had $5 cheese and pepperoni pizza's on Fridays, I ordered 10!  Delicious and a crowd pleaser!  I looked everywhere for the perfect cake and was so excited to make a fire truck cake, but he doesn't like cake, so I ordered a Dairy Queen ice cream cake with a fire truck!  Perfect and easy!

For snacks, we had gummy bears (Will's favorite), licorice ropes, and pretzels with red almond bark on the end...matches!  A huge hit!

Since this was our first get together with our family and friends since moving here, we had quite a group!  Both sets of grandparents, Eric's grandma Mogo, several aunts and uncles, my cousin, our kids second cousin, and lots of our friends!  All the men gathered in the kitchen with me to watch the Ryder Cup (it was odd having so many men in there with me while I made pizza) and all the women without kids hung out in our family room.  Eventually the men split up and half ended up in the basement with the kids, seems like the men with kids were down there, and the older men stayed with me, mainly my dad and father-in-law!  The kids spent most of there time outside and in our basement, while the "older" boys, Jack and his friends, played with Legos and kept the younger ones away!  "You can't choke on a Lego!"  I heard someone shout during the party!

Will and the rest of the kids loved all of his presents!  Three fire trucks, a Dreamlite (Molly is NEEDING one now), a Cars backpack, a doctor's kit (strangely it's new spot is Molly's room), a piggy bank (he LOVES it), and even some gift cards and money!  Not too bad for turning 3!

Of course, Mother of the Year didn't take any pictures, I was a tad busy making pizzas!  But still!  What is wrong with me?  Luckily, my sweet Mother-in-law took some and when Will blew out his candles, I think the paparazzi showed up!

Thanks for everyone who made Will's birthday so special! He is so loved!

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