Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cub Scout Cake

Jack is in his first year of Cub Scouts and he loves it!  So far, the guys have been on a field trip to Mahaffie Farmstead and bowling, which both earned him a badge.  Last night, Jack had to make a Halloween cake for the cake walk the pack (I really can't keep track of all of these packs, dens, and who leads which group).

After scouring Pinterest, of course, we decided to make a polka dot cake frosted and top with plastic spiders.  Creative and easy!  The actual polka dot where we found our inspiration is a lot cuter but for a 6 year old and myself, we did pretty good!

Polka dots are really cake balls!  We made the cake balls first, bake a cake according to the directions, once cool, break into small pieces and mix with a whole container of frosting.  Yes, the entire container.  Mix and make into balls!

Ready to bake!

1st step, make cake balls!  He sampled about every other cake ball! (and I promise we're not alcoholics, those are all empty wine and champagne bottles...wait, that makes it sound worse!  We like wine!)
Once the cake balls were assembled, we baked another cake, but once we made the batter, we placed the cake balls into the cake pan and poured the cake batter on top.  Bake according to the directions on the box.  We had to let the cake cool overnight, and in the morning, Jack had school, so I put the base layer of frosting on the cake during the day.  After school, Jack got to work!
Frosting the cake!  Concentration at it's finest folks!  

Yum!  A little bummed we didn't take a picture of the polka dots, but we've been requested to make the cake again by Eric and Molly!

He really wanted to help frost the cake!

"That's not fair that Jack won't share his cake!"  End quote from Molly!

The final product and our favorite Cub Scout!  He added the spiders all by himself!
He was so proud of his cake and I look forward to our baking adventures with the holidays coming up!  He came home with a cake baked by his friend Ethan and it was delicious!  Good job Jack!

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