Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bragging About My Girl

Molly is our sweet,loving, talkative, girl who can be a handful but so can our boys but I couldn't imagine life without her!  I've told some crazy Molly stories before, today is a sweet one about her.  She does some silly, crazy stuff that usually leaves me speechless but the story I'm going to share is a wonderful reminder about how sweet and special our little girl is too.

Molly goes to the preschool at Jack's elementary school and is enrolled in the Peer Model Program, meaning she is in a class of typically developing children and children with a wide range of developmental delays, ranging from speech to autism and everything in between.  The classroom is a wonderful mix of Para's and teachers helping all the children interact, play, and learn.  I have felt, up until Tuesday, that she wasn't getting much out of preschool and thoughts of pulling her out and sending her to a new cross my mind almost weekly.  The main reason for these feelings was the lack of artwork being sent home, the lack of info in general we didn't know about the class, and the way Molly didn't share much about her day.  

Let's get to Tuesday.  I receive an email from her teacher in the middle of the afternoon and she is sending praises about our sweet girl.  "Without any prompting from us she will go and take the hand of a child with special needs and lead them to an activity.  She is patient with them when they can’t do things quite the same and prompts them to take turns when appropriate."  The email goes on and on about how she is a wonderful leader, helper and guide to special needs children and all the children in the classroom, even though she is quiet!

Sigh, so proud of our girl!  

I went today up to the school to meet with the principal, no worries...all good, and she had heard about our wonderful Molly!  She was impressed by a 4 year old being such a role model!  

After the meeting with our principal, I had to go to Molly's room to check on something and loved seeing her in school!  She ignored me of course but her other teacher took me aside and reiterated what the email said, what a sweet girl, helper, role model she was, but also her patience to teach and learn, taking time to guide her peers, and she predicted Molly would be a teacher someday.  

We our so proud of our Molly!  We went out for ice cream to celebrate the other night, love me some Baskin Robbins!  Yay Molly!

What a sweetie!  We love you Molly!

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