Thursday, October 4, 2012

3 Years Ago Today...

This sweet little boy entered the world and changed our lives forever!  He is the sweetest, most giving, honest, fun-loving, caring, happiest, charming little boy!

Minutes old, born at 10:20 pm on October 4th, after a very short and easy labor and delivery!
Will loves ALL trucks, especially fire trucks, trash trucks, horse trailers being pulled by a truck, and tractors.  He loves Cars and Lightning McQueen, but has not once ever sat through either movie!  He loves matchbox cars, and loves to line up all his trucks and cars and could play with them for hours.

One of his true loves, his truck, horsey trailer, and horses!  From his 2nd birthday last year!

He loves milk, blueberries, strawberries, bananas, Cheetos, raisins, hummus, and ice cream!  He dislikes peanut butter, all types of pasta, and cake (he will eat frosting).

7 months old and loving his Cheerios!

Covered in blue berries!  9 months old!

Will throws a ball and catches, loves to play catch, ride his trike and red car, taking walks and playing outside!  He would stay outside all day if we let him, he is so happy when he's outside!

Zube Park in Houston, TX...we were so excited to ride on the trains!

Taking a walk with Daddy!

Will's favorite shows are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, he loves Mickey and Pluto, he also loves Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Super Why, and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood (think that's my favorite, it's the cutest show)!

Handsome Fella at 13 months!

He loves to sing, play with instruments, and actually carries a good tune!  He really loved our Kindermusik days!

How loved our Kindermusik, Ms. Kathy and her big drum!

He loves his brother and sister more then anything!  He is truly the best little brother ever!

I could eat them all!

At night and naps, Will must have:  1. His blanket (There may be melt downs if blanket is missing, he loves his blanket!)  2.  A cup of water  3.  All of his stuff animal, about 6.  A penguin, Elmo, Mickey, a hippo, the dog from Up, and a new addition, his puppy Dreamlite!  4.  The fan on  5.  His noise machine.  He gets his high maintenance from me.

1 week old!

Will is the best snuggler!  Every morning, he climbs in bed with us and we snuggle for a good 15 minutes.  It is the BEST way to wake up!  He is almost always up for a hug and giving a snuggle!  I sometimes call him my snuggle puggle, since he is our Puggy Bear!

Snuggles with my Puggles!  Thanksgiving 2010

He loves to help clean up, put things away, unload the dishwasher, anything!  He really just loves to be with people, so if we're cleaning, pulling weeds, or vacuuming, he is right there helping!
By far one of my favorite pictures of him!

Different day, no clothes and helping the in the dishwasher!

Life would be so boring and dull without our Will!  Happy Birthday, Will!  

Will's Birthday Party last weekend!

We love you so much!  Daddy, Mommy, Jack and Molly

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