Monday, September 24, 2012

Go Ravens!

On Saturday, our family drove up to Benedictine College in Atchison, KS where my brother, The Almost Graduate, is in his last semester!  We didn't just go for any old weekend visit, it was Parents Weekend, meaning yes, my parents were there too!  

We arrived in Atchison, after seeing a ton of trains and airplanes (the kids were in Heaven!  And we drove over a "huge" bridge, with a train bridge next to it!), and help set up the tailgate party!  Tents, grills were assembled, and lots of food!  The kids loved everything!  Down the way, a band played, music was all over, they played with bean bags, and met lots of Matt's friends.  We even took a walk around the parking lot and all the cheerleaders said hi to Molly, complemented her on her bow, and gave her a pom-pom!  We had one happy girl!  

After a few hours of tailgating, we went to the football game and the kids were shocked by the tiny stadium!  They are used to Reliant Stadium in Houston, what can we say?  They had so much fun cheering for the Ravens!

At half-time, the kids bounced in a few bounce houses set up on the practice fields!  Actually, Jack and Molly bounced and ran around like loose animals, and Will hung out with Matt and his friends.  Once everyone was worn out and the game started back up, we headed back into the game but the kids were fading fast!  We left quickly after the start of the 3rd quarter and Will was sleep about 2.4 seconds outside of Atchison!  Overall, we had a very fun-filled day!  Another reason it's nice being back in Kansas, days spent with family!

Back row:  My Mom, Matt (the Almost Graduate), myself, and my Hubs! Isn't he cute?!
Front Row:  Jack, Boppi, Will and Molly

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