Monday, September 24, 2012

Go Ravens!

On Saturday, our family drove up to Benedictine College in Atchison, KS where my brother, The Almost Graduate, is in his last semester!  We didn't just go for any old weekend visit, it was Parents Weekend, meaning yes, my parents were there too!  

We arrived in Atchison, after seeing a ton of trains and airplanes (the kids were in Heaven!  And we drove over a "huge" bridge, with a train bridge next to it!), and help set up the tailgate party!  Tents, grills were assembled, and lots of food!  The kids loved everything!  Down the way, a band played, music was all over, they played with bean bags, and met lots of Matt's friends.  We even took a walk around the parking lot and all the cheerleaders said hi to Molly, complemented her on her bow, and gave her a pom-pom!  We had one happy girl!  

After a few hours of tailgating, we went to the football game and the kids were shocked by the tiny stadium!  They are used to Reliant Stadium in Houston, what can we say?  They had so much fun cheering for the Ravens!

At half-time, the kids bounced in a few bounce houses set up on the practice fields!  Actually, Jack and Molly bounced and ran around like loose animals, and Will hung out with Matt and his friends.  Once everyone was worn out and the game started back up, we headed back into the game but the kids were fading fast!  We left quickly after the start of the 3rd quarter and Will was sleep about 2.4 seconds outside of Atchison!  Overall, we had a very fun-filled day!  Another reason it's nice being back in Kansas, days spent with family!

Back row:  My Mom, Matt (the Almost Graduate), myself, and my Hubs! Isn't he cute?!
Front Row:  Jack, Boppi, Will and Molly

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy Fall!

I love Fall and yesterday morning I was taking a walk (alone, amazing!) and saw this beauty!  I love the cool temps in the morning and evenings, but warmer one in the afternoon!

I love apple cider and doughnuts from Louisburg Cider Mill!

I love love the holidays during the fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving are two of my favorites, and lots of birthdays!

Hayrides, s'mores, and campfires!

Wearing my fall clothes!  Love the styles this year, especially the boots!

Happy First Day of Fall!
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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Touch A Truck

I love finding free activities for our family and not only was there an event right down the road from us, but all three kids had a blast!  Touch A Truck was this past Saturday and everything from a fire truck, police car, crane, garbage truck, tow truck, tractor, crane, an RV, and a limo were there and kids could climb around, ask questions to the drivers, and they received lots of prizes, treats, and coupons for free food!  Thanks to the Blue Valley Rec for putting on such a fabulous event!

Jack on a semi!

Molly's turn on the semi-truck!
All three loving the limo!
All three on the tow truck! 
He loved the tractor!
Taking turns driving the crane!
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Friday, September 14, 2012

My Sweet Kids

Look at my cute boy!  He has blessed us in so many ways and I'm honored to be his mom!

Will, almost 3 years old

But, how is it possible that this little guy is wearing the exact same outfit Jack wore on his first day of preschool exactly three years ago today?!

Jack, age 3

Stop growing up so fast you two, but I love you both so much!  And Molly too, I love Molly a lot!

Molly, 9 months
Now all three of you stop growing up so fast, seriously!  Stop!  But I'll still love you!  I'm honored to be you mom!
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Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday, Monday...

Can't trust that day...because it's not been a good day!  Seriously!  Where did it come from?  My weekend's all nice, relaxing and I feel prepared for this week and BAM!  From no where!  

First, I'm running around like a headless person preparing breakfast for everyone this morning. It's as though I've never made breakfast for four individuals ever!  Not sure what was going on with my brain, should have known!

Then, we get Jack to school without a hitch and get home, but once again, I'm so scattered with unloading the dishes from the dishwasher and helping Will and Molly with a puzzle that I realized the time was 9:15 and I had a 9:30 doctor's appointment. Only, Molly and I were still in our pajamas (don't judge, I don't get out of the car or talk to a single person during drop-off, otherwise, I would at least brush my teeth and change out of my polka-dot pajamas).  So, that was like hornets out of the nest, the three of us were running around, getting dressed, doing hair, and of course, Will had to go potty!  Good job Buddy, but really?!

We get to the doctor about 2 1/2 minutes late and of course, I had to fill out a ton of paperwork, lost my insurance card throughout this move, and the kids were bouncing off the walls!  Finally checked-in, kids settled down, and we were highly entertained by the guy snoring in the waiting room, man he was really tired!  

Get called back, get weighed (yuck!) and talk to the nurse, who was super sweet!  The kids must loved her because they stared at her like she was an angel!  Then, my doctor came in (who I went to as a kid and he looks exactly the same) and we start talking about my thyroid, which I haven't discussed on here by I have hypothyroidism.  Pretty much means I have a hard time losing weight, tired easily, and my nails don't grow.  Nice.  There is medicine but finding the right dosage is so tricky and of course, of course, my doctor in Texas was just treeking it but not enough for me to feel or notice a difference.  So, while at my appointment today, I blank out on the medicine I was on and all my symptoms.  I was so intelligent sounding when he had to run through the list of symptoms and me go "oh that too, I have that problem too."  I wonder what he said about me to the nurse?

Finally, we get out of there, head to Target to pick up my new thyroid meds and all the necessities that Target provides!  Molly threw the biggest fit because we are almost out of Dora band-aids and she does NOT like the Strawberry Shortcake ones at all!

We get home, minus the band-aids and our ears hurting from her screams all the way home, make lunch and enjoy some quiet time!  Then, the three of us go upstairs and Will says he has to poop!  Go Buddy, go!  He has only pooped once in this 2 week potty training event, so I was so excited he was telling me BEFORE going and not after!  But, he sits forever and then Molly has to go too, actually coaching him step-by-step on how to go #2.  

We're almost late for preschool drop-off due to the above, but they both went in the potty!

During nap time, Will sleeps like a rock star and I fold laundry after I workout (say what?!), but then  half the laundry isn't dry from the last load I washed.  Dumb dryer hook-up people that came out after we moved, they so didn't do a good job hooking up the appliances.  

Make some homemade granola bars with way more butter then I would have liked. 

Picked the kids up from school.  Did homework with Jack while Will and Molly colored.  

Then.  Dinner.  

I make homemade taco pizza.  The crust was "super easy" from Pinterest.  It was easy to make, not easy to spread on my GREASED pan, and impossible to get off the pan to serve to my family.  Not cool, so not cool.  Had the same issue last week when I made a cookie cake, it was like I poured glue on the pan instead of cooking spray.  

After dinner, the kids are so wild and running around the house like crazy animals, Eric offers to put to put their pajamas on while I clean up.  I realize, I need to defrost a chicken for tomorrow nights dinner and put the frozen chicken in a pot of water to cook and get a little chicken stock.  I did forget to turn down the water temp on the stove top.  

Help Molly get ready for bed, make her bed because I changed the sheets, and then go to say goodnight to my boys.  Molly comes running in telling me the house is on fire...just my chicken stock going crazy turned up to full heat!  No worries!  Chicken and stock are everywhere!  Fail!


I'm drinking wine, feeling sorry for myself and rotten, crazy day, and realizing I have to do it all again tomorrow...but the kids have early release (WHY so often?!!).  Thanks for listening to me...been feeling so uninspired these days.  Now, off to clean my kitchen and finish my wine.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Take a Deep Breath

It's Saturday! I'm loving the fact that our windows are open this morning, cool breeze coming through our windows and a lazy Saturday with nothing planned!  Such a nice change of pace from the past few months!  I can actually enjoy my coffee, blog, and all three kids and my husband are content!  Ever since we moved here, actually since we knew we were moving here in early May, life has been nonstop, full of to do lists, organizing, packing and unpacking, kids and parents off their routines, lots of good-byes and tears, friends and family over to our new house, and we're finally getting somewhat into our new normal!  Finally!  We have lots of boxes to still unpack, more organization, and I really need a schedule for myself (as in, find a gym and workout ASAP!), but things don't seem quite as crazy.  We had a fun night last night when our neighbors came over with their kids, their son is in Jack's class but all three of our kids adore him!  They also have a newborn little girl, hello baby fever!  It was a great way to kick-off the weekend!  Now, onward to pulling weeds and not passing out from the heat in the cool 65 degrees, homemade jambalaya in the crockpot tomorrow night, and maybe a nap or two!

We have so much to look forward to in the next few weeks and since I'm so far behind in my blogging, lots to blog about too!  Jack's in cub scouts, Molly's gymnastics, Will's birthday party, and our fun little life!

So, take a deep breath and enjoy this beautiful weekend!