Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What We've Been Up To!

We've been busy over here but not really, but really.  The days are flying by but when asked by Eric what we did all day, my mind draws a blank.  Does anyone else have this problem?  Just me?  Here is what we've been doing...that I remember!

*Potty training Will!  It's going...good.  We started on Monday and he doesn't tell me when he has to go, but he does go almost every half-hour I take him.  Think I'm training myself more then him.  He does love wearing his new underwear and he looks so cute in it!  Promise I'm not weird by saying that!  I think we're at the point where he is super annoyed at me for ALWAYS asking if he needs to go potty, always feeling his shorts, and shoving gallons of water for him to drink.

*Since we're potty training Will, Molly and I have been keeping ourselves busy with art projects, baking, painting nails, and our sensory box(I'll post about this later)!  Will tags along too but usually he just does whatever Molly does for 5 minutes and then plays with his cars, trucks, or horse trailer.  Or he's sitting on the toilet.  Molly is loving all the projects, she's made about 1000 birthday cards, and it's great seeing them create new things!

*Yesterday after school, I took the kids to our local library!  I feel complete now that I have a few books to read!  The kids checked out 18 books and loved the new, nice and friendly library!

*Today, after taking Molly to preschool, we dropped Jack's bike off at the school bike rake and after naps, I pulled Will in the wagon to pick Molly and Jack up from school.  It was awesome on the way there and we had a nice little walk!  Going home was a whole new ballgame!  Molly rode in the wagon with Will, so that was 60 pounds plus 2 backpacks that I pulled home in the 98 degree Kansas heat.  Jack did great staying so I could see him but it was a tad on the stressful side making sure he was safe!  I about passed out when we got home but the kids loved our trip home!  I'm making Molly ride her bike next time, she does pretty good, so I guess we'll just practice!

*I've spent a lot of time on the phone to the post master supervisor.  Bob is very nice but not a very good supervisor if you want my opinion.  You read about my adventures all ready, but still didn't get a key or any mail.  Bob told me Alan, our postman, would personally deliver our mail today.  Nope!  He also keeps asking me why I put in to have our locks changed.  Nope, didn't do that either!  He keeps telling me that all we have is a newspaper, but I find that a bit odd since we have not received any bills for our new house, have all our old mail forwarded here, and still just a newspaper?  Interesting.

*We've had lots of friends over!  Love it!  And had an impromptu girls gathering with a few friends at a close bar!

*More AC problems at the old NOT. KIDDING!  The air coil was leaking or something.  Really!  And the sprinklers aren't working.  Seriously!  Money pit!  Why!  And now, our garage door isn't working at our new house!  No!

*Molly had show-n-tell today at preschool and I was super stressed out by it.  Like way too stressed out beyond belief!  Maybe if we had more then a days notice I would have been slightly more calm.  Not cool.

*I sold our baby crib on Craigslist the other day.  I have a few more things I want to sell, but nothing.  Is the Kansas City market a little harder to sell then Houston?  It's all baby stuff too!

*Now, on to more potty training!  Planning Will's birthday party!  Getting on a routine!  Mama needs to workout!  Prepare for Fall!  I'm so ready for Fall, just not Winter!

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