Thursday, August 9, 2012

What We Miss About Texas

This post has taken several days to write mainly because I get teary-eyed while writing!  I'm so excited to be back in Kansas but I seriously loved living in Texas and our life there!  So, here is a list, in no particular order, about what we will miss about Texas!  If you missed what we won't miss, check it out here (apparently Eric thinks I'm too harsh on our former neighbors and my blog would prevent our children for winning an election if they were to run for a public office in their future, you be the judge, I was just expressing how I feel and the truth!) !  I have to agree with Vanessa about the 4-way stop issue, it was annoying that people never figured that out.  Focus, back to what we will miss!

1.  HEB~I love this grocery store and I know there are some amazing ones all over, but where else can you buy homemade tortillas and sushi, sample wine, and have a great selection of bulk spices, produce, and meat all in one spot?!  The HEB, that's where!  The kids LOVED going, between the car carts (no thanks), all the samples, and the Buddy Bucks (to get free things with), they begged to go with me.

2.  The Weather~Yes, it's humid and hot for a very long time, but when the rest of the country is covered in snow and ice, Houston's not!  All the humidity makes up for a very mild winter and I love, love, love wearing flip flops 90% of the year!  My poor kids have no winter clothes and are in for a real shock once the winter months roll around!  Eric's excited for all 4 seasons in Kansas, but I will miss the long months of summer, usually March to November!

Out riding bikes in December 

3.  Our House~I know, I know, I've complained about our house and neighbors so much but I really, truly loved our house!  We started off as a family of 4 there, brought home a beautiful baby boy, watched all three kids grow, blossom, and explore life, had many play dates, small groups, birthday parties, holiday's, and memories there.  Eric and I learned to depend on each other, watched our marriage grow, and went through ups and downs that we never dreamed of while there.  We had many out of town visitors stay with us and we loved showing everyone our Texas home!  I loved the Crepe Myrtles in our front and back yards, I loved our walks to the bus stop and all around the neighborhood, I loved our children's rooms, I loved painting almost all the rooms to give our personal touch, and I loved being together the five of us!  While vacuuming the empty house, I was flooded with so many happy memories and I just cried tears of happiness in each room!  I thanked God for those memories, asked for more in our new house, and for a new family to come in to our house and be happier then us there.  It was a wonderful house!

Saying good-bye to our house!

4.  Church~I have written a TON about our amazing church, so I'll keep this one short and sweet!  LOVED it and our next church home has HUGE shoes to fill, but I know we'll find the right one for our family!!  

5.  Schools and Teachers~Another one I've written a lot about but loved the schools my children attended, loved their teachers, and couldn't be more thankful for the education they received!  Molly had the sweetest preschool teachers send her notes over the summer and Jack's Kindergarten teacher came over to our house to say good-bye to him before he left.  I mean, that is so sweet!

Ms. Anne and Jack on his first day of preschool~3's class

Ms. Angela, Jack and Ms. Connie at his preschool graduation last year!

Jack and Mrs. Lundahl on his first day of Kindergarten!

Ms. Heather and Molly on her first day of preschool~3's class

6.  Y'all, Howdy, A fixin' to go, Texas talk~ I really didn't think people spoke like this until we lived here and I promise, most people do, especially if they're native Texan and from a small town.  Listening to them talk was like ice cream, so yummy!  I love it!  I have a friend who says all the time, "We're a fixin' to go in about 5 minutes, y'all go get your shoes on now!"  I mean, how precious is that?  No way could I ever talk like that!  They actually thought I was weird when I said "you guys" instead of y'all.

7.  The Rodeos~I loved going to the Houston and Katy Rodeos while we lived there and both were so entertaining!  Between the atmosphere, people, food, entertainment, what's not to love?  We took the kids to both the Houston and Katy Rodeos this year and all three had a blast!

See how excited they are to be going to the Rodeo?
8.  Our Community~Seriously, never seen anyplace like where we lived!  Parks, pools, tennis courts, walking paths, and family fun events everywhere!  There were around 13 pools we paid for in our HOA that we used from April to the end of October!  We went to the parks all the time and the walking trails were awesome!  We even saw an alligator or snake once in awhile!  The HOA was a tad high when due at the end of the year, but by July, we were loving choosing which pool to go to for the day!

Jack at the Beach Club, one of our only pool pictures, sad!

9.  Playgroup~We made lifelong friends in our playgroup!  I met my friend Jean at the horrors library when we both had our first two kids.  We instantly connected, chatted almost daily on the phone and she introduced me to our play group friends!  Most of the families had children around the same ages as mine with a good mix of boys and girls.  Since we started going to playgroup, several babies have been added to our families and my entire family has made friends in the playgroup.  We meet weekly or more depending on the time of year, had birthday parties, played on sports teams together, and we always looked forward to seeing our friends from playgroup!  Now that kids are getting older, the playgroup doesn't meet as often but I can't be more thankful for what that group did for our family!

10.  Speaking of that....FRIENDS!  We're going to miss our Texas friends~Not only friends from playgroup, but church, Kindermusik, school, neighborhood, the Y, all of them!
 **First the Kids~My  kids can be a tad on the shy side, so I was always nervous about them making friends!  Luckily, we met our playgroup friends almost right after we moved, so we were able to hang out with them for most outings, sports teams, and at the Y.  But, not everyone went to the same schools, ended up in the same classes even if they were the same age, or just luck would have it that someone wouldn't know anyone at preschool, VBS or Sunday School.  Well, Jack and Molly did awesome meeting friends everywhere!  Molly knew no one in her preschool class and had an instant friend with her sweet friend Bella!  Jack also knew no one going into preschool and VBS one year, but made friends with several kids at both!  Also, when Jack started Kindergarten, he had a friend going to the same school, he wasn't in the same class, but Jack made friends with almost everyone in his class!  Praying hard that they both (Will too, I promise he's not forgotten) make lots of friends and have a special bond with their classmates this year and years to come in school!
Most of the gang~our last get together with the kids!

Molly playing soccer with her sweet friends Ciana and Lily
Our friends from small group~Greer, Canaan, Delaney and Brady
Kindermusik~we love Ms. Kathy and Kindermusik!
Some more friends from playgroup~Katelyn, Kamri, Molly, Lily and Aiden

**Eric and I~We also made some awesome friends while in Texas!  I was super determined when we moved down to Texas to make friends.  So, between playgroup, church mom's groups (Ibloom and MYC), church small group, Kindermusik, the Y, and who knows where else, the good-byes were hard because I love all my friendships I made while living here!  So many were there for us when we had Will in 2009 and our miscarriage in early 2011, I can think of some many people I could call at the drop of a hat to talk to, pray for or with, laugh, cry, and would give anything if needed.  I would do the same for them!  Sadly, I don't have many pictures with my friends...guess we were too busy with our kids, talking, or both!
At our friends Jill's good-bye party!

My MYC friends~so many sweet ladies!
Don't you just want to move to Texas now because of all of these wonderful people, places, and things?!  


  1. Gosh, this post made me emotional! I'm going to cry like a baby whenever we have to leave Katy!! You guys have lots of fun ahead though!


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