Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer Dreams

With Jack starting school on Thursday, our summer is almost over.  Sad!  I had dreams of this...

Well, the last one seems a little too much for me but it looks fun!  Thanks again to Pinterest for the awesome ideas!  It's not like my kids didn't have fun, my mother-in-law took them to the zoo twice, Monkey Biznes twice, Zonkers, Deanna Rose, The Arboretum, blue berry picking, the several parks,  and they went on the slip-n-slide several times, plus toys, other fun outings, and lots of love!  I can say how thankful we are!  Plus our adventures in Texas of swimming, Blue Bell, swimming and lots of play dates with friends!  Even being here for two weeks has included several play dates with friends, a few sprinkler parties, dinners with Papa and Grandma, Uncle Todd and lots of friends, lots of play dates with our neighbor Ethan, and playing outside on our swing set!  It really wasn't a summer fail, but I set the bar high and feel as though I failed.  I really wanted to go on a family vacation, have our kids do VBS, and have fun exciting adventures like the ones above.  We have three days left and we are going back to the zoo for one more adventure there!  Lets see how much family fun we can squeeze in!  And here's to another year of planning for a fun summer (and all school breaks)thanks to Pinterest and all the wonderful blogs out there!  Anything I need to add to our list?!

* I did just ask the kids what they wanted to do today~have a pajama party!  Done!  

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