Friday, August 10, 2012

Moving Day!

On Tuesday, July 24th, Eric and I flew back to Houston after spending a few weeks in Kansas City finalizing things with our move here.  We flew back to meet the packers/movers and say good-bye to our Texas home.  Eric's parents were so wonderful and helpful through our move and all three kids were loved on and spoiled with fun activities, food, Uncle Todd and Aunt Katie (Eric's youngest sister and brother) while we were in Houston the last time.

Tuesday and Wednesday were like a mini-vacation, we had never been in our house with each other and no kids in the four plus years of living there.  Tuesday night we went to HEB (love!) and stocked up on few things and we had so much fun!  We even used a small cart, I know, we're so cool!  Wednesday, we had a few showings, ran errands-in the middle of the day, and I went to a good-bye dinner with my sweet friends!  Sigh!  Love those girls!  Thankfully, there are no pictures from that night because I cried all night!  It was pretty!  They gave our family a sweet picture book full of pictures of all the kids from playgroup over the past four years!  We all love it!  Molly wants that book to be her bedtime book (and the one Bella gave her) as her bedtime stories almost every night!

Thursday, reality set in when we sold our kitchen table and chairs and the packers arrived to pack us up.  Pretty much, Eric and I tried to stay our of the way of the packers, bought them food, read a little, and played some games on the Ipad.  We had a quiet night with most of our house in boxes, eating Taco Bell and watching Big Brother.

Our huge moving truck, only half full when our entire house was on there!

Friday morning we woke up to the packers packing more boxes, beginning to load the truck, and our A/C not was 82 in our house by 10 AM.  So, we called the A/C people (who were out a few days before and reassured us the unit was fine) and they came out to tell us that we needed a whole new A/C a house we were moving out of the next day.  Not cool, and really, it wasn't!  91 in our house, hotter outside.  We had a few friends come over to take our food, more good-byes, and hotter then hot, we hung out in our house while the packers did their job.  We had some Whataburger for lunch, ran into another friend (more tears, hate good-byes!), and wrote a painful check to replace our A/C.  Since our house was so hot, we stayed at our friends house that night and it makes me so sad that our last night there was not at all how I envisioned (actually, none of this move is how I envisioned, but that's for another time) but we are so grateful to our friends!

Saturday was spent getting a new A/C installed and cooling off our hot house, our house loaded up onto a truck, cleaning, and tears.  I might have been the only one crying, but all were tears of happiness!  Just seeing our empty rooms, the memories of all the good and even some of the bad, and in almost shock how fast the four years went.  We ended up staying in Houston that night and vegged out in our hotel room, ordering room service and watching some of the Olympics.  It was awesome!

Sunday, we drove back to our house to pack up our car with all the things the movers wouldn't take (fire extinguishers, bleach, cleaning supplies, etc) and said our very last good-bye.  Then, we hit the road to Kansas City.  The drive wasn't too bad considering we didn't have to stop all the time for potty breaks and starving children.  As sad as I was leaving Houston, I was excited about getting to Kansas City and starting our next adventure!  And, I missed our kids!  I had never been away from any of them for six days!  A very happy reunion! But then, Monday and Tuesday were spent unloading the truck and doing this....

Our beautiful kitchen, just look past all the clutter.
Unpacking.  Notice no exclamation point.  Wish us luck.


  1. Liz, your kitchen looks so awesome! Love the big window above the sink - does it face the backyard?

    1. Thanks Becky, it does overlook the backyard and I love the view! I really do love our kitchen, I'll take a better picture when it looks a little better! We miss you guys!

  2. Aww, I got a little teary reading this - the saying good-bye to the house part was so much harder that I had ever imagined! Hope you guys are getting all settled in!!

    1. How sweet are you Lauren, it was so sad, but I'm a crier! We're getting more and more settled each day, but it's a lot of work. Hope you're enjoying the BBQ sauce!


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