Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Is This Thing On?

Yay!  We moved!  Yay!  Our house is a disaster from all the boxes!  Yay! Our house in Texas still hasn't sold (hope that isn't because of those neighbors I wrote about).  Yay!  Life is crazy!  Yay!  We just got Internet after over 2 weeks without!  Yay!  Here are some posts to look forward to:

*What we miss about Texas, there's a lot!

*Our move~wow!  I promise, it's a good one!

*Life in Kansas (I was forwarding our bills to our new address and I had to spell Kansas for a lady in Texas), it's like we never left but oh so different!

*School Starts!  Jack starts 1st grade next week!  Molly begins the week after!

*Basements vs. Attics

*My summer fails

But for now, we're off to a preschool play date at the kids school and then my brother is coming later this morning!  Then, hopefully, more unpacking and some organization to our basement and office?!  With toys, office stuff, my teaching boxes, kids clothes, baby stuff, Christmas, Halloween, Easter decorations, Eric's office stuff, sewing machine attachments, and random stuff, our basement is in need of major help!


  1. Miss you guys! Can't believe Jack starts school already next week. Looking forward to the future posts. Have a great play date. Tell everyone hi from us :)


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