Thursday, August 16, 2012

First Day of First Grade!!

Seems like yesterday Jack graduated from preschool and started Kindergarten!  Now he's in 1st grade!  Wow!  My sweet guy was a mixed bag of emotions, between starting a new school, meeting his teacher, and making new friends, that's a lot for a 6 year old!  We had Meet the Teacher on Tuesday night and that helped A LOT with the nerves!  Jack's teacher is super sweet, has a fun classroom, and was so excited about meeting her new students!  She had us do a fun supply scavenger hunt and sent us home with a letter for Jack to open the night before school!  We opened it last night and it was a sweet poem about trying to sleep the night before school and it had magic sleeping dust!  So cute!  The former teacher in me loved it and may have kept it for future classroom references!   All five of us took Jack to school, walked him to his class, and he did awesome!  I'm so excited to hear about his 1st day of school!

Jack and his new teacher!  
All three kids ready to go to school!
Showing off his new backpack and shoes!
My 1st grader!  How did he get so big?

At Meet the Teacher on Tuesday night!  An excellent way to calm a few 1st day of school jitters!

Molly starts preschool, at the same school (!!!) on Monday!  Go Stanley Wildcats!
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