Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bless Your Heart

Went to get the mail yesterday and our mail key wouldn't work.  I walk back home, get the other key, and try again.  Nope, didn't work either.  So, I'm talking to my neighbor Lindsey and she told me that the post office switches the locks on the mailboxes and I had to go to the annex right down the street.  No big deal.  Oh, and she told me to bring our closing documents and all the mail keys.  Super.

Go this morning after I take Jack to school and the parking lot is empty, no hours are posted, and the door is locked.  Must not be opened.

I go back this afternoon after I picked Jack and Molly up from school and once again, parking lot was empty, no hours, and door was locked.  I loaded everyone back in the car and, being the rebel that I am, go behind the building where all the post office trucks are parked to investigate.  Sure enough, people all over the place!  I roll down my window and ask a sweet looking lady about the mail keys, locks, and when I could possibly get my mail.

She tells me to go to the other post office in town, all of our things will be there.  I say thank you.  And she says, "I figured you needed help, since your from Texas.  You folks usually need the extra help."

Excuse me?

She is not the first person to say something along the lines like that, but once I explain that I'm really from this area, I just get the, "bless her heart for being a ditz.  She can't control these things, too bad she's not from Texas, that would give her a little more of a pass."

Not sure why people around here think people with an accent aren't very smart, but how in the world was I supposed to know our mailbox would have the locks changed?  And where to go?

Back to the point...I think I might have to start faking a Texas/Southern accent to get a little more of a "pass" in life.  I love the southern accent and being around it for over 4 years really taught me a lot.  Here is what should have been said:  "Excuse me ma'am.  I need to find where y'all have placed my new mail keys and mail because y'all went and changed the locks on us!"  See, easy!  This way, I won't have to explain and go into a lot of pointless details, simple, "Yes, sir, from Texas and y'all are so kind to welcome us to the area!"

And technically, we are from Texas...right?!!

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