Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Booty Pants!

Does anyone else have this situation going on in their house?  Will and Jack pick out shorts and a shirt and they are ready for the day. I sometimes have Jack change his shirt because he's wearing all the same color, but even some days I don't bother.  So easy.  No fuss.  Simple.

Then there's the opposite, Molly!  We must pick out her dress/shorts/shirts/capris/underwear/socks/shoes/bows.  It's enough for three children combined.  We first have to determine shorts or dress.  If it's a dress, pretty simple.  If it's shorts, then we have to discuss if she wants capri's.  Then, we need to pick out the shirt to go with shorts/capris.  This usually takes some time because of matching the shorts/capri's with the shirt.  Next, underwear, because you know the perfect underwear completes every outfit.  After that, bow and how to style the hair for the day.  Small ponytail, big ponytail, braids, pigtails, only a bow.  Wow!  Then, the perfect color hair tie must be in place.  Finally, we choose our shoes and she has more shoes then the boys and myself put together!  Wow!  And, she may be known to change outfits during rest time.  Any one else have this going on?!

Yesterday, after the boys were dressed, I went into Molly's room to see her clothing status.  She had a dress picked out (awesome, a lot easier with dresses) and her "booty pants!"
"Molly, what are booty pants?"
"Ugh, my booty pants" where she then picks up her underwear, puts on her underwear and starts shaking her booty, hence, booty pants!

Never a dull moment here!

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