Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up: Magic Mike and The Chalk Guy

This past weekend was the best...why?  Because we had zero plans!

Friday, we had THREE showings, so we spent an hour at the Y (love you Pilates) and three hours at the pool!  We all took naps when we got home and watched the Olympic swimming and gymnastics trials!  While Eric put the kids down for bed, I got ready for a girls night to see this:

Mixed with some beer and sangria and lots of laughing, it was a fun movie!

Saturday, was a lazy and relaxing day!  We all stayed in our pj's, played, watched movies and took awesome naps on the raining day!  That night, we ate dinner at Texas Roadhouse, where Will added butter to everything, peanuts and french fries included!  We then walked around the mall, but that wasn't much fun when everyone trying to shove chicken at you in the food court.

Sunday, we went to church to hear Ben Glenn: The Chalk Guy.  He had a great story and drew an amazing chalk picture, mixed with the music and the final reveal was awesome.  Too bad we had a grouchy 2 year old and I had to leave early and watch from the lobby.  Oh well.  After lunch, I went to HEB with Jack and Molly, who acted as though they had never eaten and wanted me to buy everything in the store.  It turned out to be quite an expensive trip, those kids!  We had a great dinner and walk afterwards, then Eric and Jack went to the pool!

Hmm..Monday turned into a typical day of laundry, working out (body combat almost killed me today), paying bills, cleaning the house, and wondering why we haven't had a showing since Friday?  Interesting.

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