Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Our Adventures!

Life for our family has been a little crazy, not normal, and very unpredictable the past month or so!  Half of our family was in Kansas, while the rest of us were in Texas, and that's hard on a family that is so used to being together all the time!  While Eric and Jack were being spoiled and having a blast in Kansas, Will, Molly and I held up fort in our home in Texas and enjoyed our last week there!  We said good-bye to our friends, went swimming a lot, ate some Chick-fil-a and Mexican food, and went to a pajama party at Molly's friend Bella's house (how I'm going to miss her mommy too!).

We went swimming at one of the new neighborhood pools!  It was empty the whole time we were there and the kids loved it!
We drove up to Kansas with Boppi and stayed the night in Moore, OK..they were so excited to be almost to Kansas!  And who doesn't love riding on the cart?!
Reunited with Jack, they missed each other so much!  Lots of hugs, giggles, and talking about their lives the  9 days they were apart!
Apparently this is the token "silly" picture our family takes!
We went over to a sweet friends house yesterday and I just love those friendships where you just start up right where you left off!  Excited to see her and her growing family more (baby #3 arrives in September!).

Today, I took the kids to Kaleidoscope!  One of my favorite places!  We parked at Union Station, saw the trains, walked along the links to Crown Center, the kids loved seeing all the cars and walking so high up, and really loved Kaleidoscope!  It's located at the Hallmark World Headquarters, connected to Crown Center (so magical at Christmas with the lights, trees, ice skating and has outdoor movies and festivals in the Spring and Summer) and Kaleidoscope is a free, hands-on learning place where children create crafts and learn at their own pace!  LOVE IT!  They made a mess, enjoyed coloring and creating designs on the wall with a black light, and let their creative juices flow!  It was a little challenge helping all three get started at first on the projects, but we managed!  For 45 minutes, they had a blast and it was FREE!
Making masks, they loved it!
Her version of paradise, she loved all the crafts!
He actually stayed in one spot for a good 10 minutes!
When our time was over, we went to the Hallmark Visitors Center and went on a little tour about the Hallmark Company, family, etc.  They tried to make bows (machine was broken) and they loved collecting stamps during the tour, an overall good time!  We made a pit stop back in Crown Center for snacks and what did the boys fascinate over....
Really?  This is what they loved the most about our adventure today!  Love the brotherly bond!
Someone was feeling left out!

They stood there for 20 minutes, I kid you not!  And loved every second of it!  
Side note:  The entire way to Kaleidoscope, Jack complained the whole time, resulting in some hitting and yelling from various people in the car.  Ahem.  He didn't want to go, it was going to be boring, it was for babies, blah, blah, blah.  Poor Molly was so excited and always looks at the bright side of everything (need to regain that attitude!), and he just whacked her for being happy!  I was mad.  I yelled.  There were tears from several of us.  We all calmed down and by the time he saw trains at Union Station, he was excited!  For.  Real.  We all hugged and we all had fun!  

Now, some time to finish things up here and there before Eric and I go back to pack up our house and say our last good-byes to Texas!  Can we just skip all of these good-byes, they're really wearing on me?!  OK, thanks!
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  1. I was wondering when the big move was! If you have some time when you get back, we'd love to say good-bye! (ha, well not that we're excited you're leaving...) I'm also super jealous hearing you talk about Crown Center at Christmas time - my fave!

    1. Would love to see you guys Lauren! I'm so excited to be here for Christmas, between Crown Center, the Plaza and maybe snow! It's after January 2nd I really don't like!


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