Thursday, July 5, 2012

Mini Golf and Blue Bell

We've had a pretty busy week, mainly trying to squeeze in our "lasts" before we leave Texas!  We went mini-golfing one night as a family and to Blue Bell Ice Cream factory last week with our friends!  Please excuse the pictures, I have no idea to flip them the right way!  

Mini-golf was fun, a tad on the hot side but it is July in Texas!  We went one night after dinner and I even had a free round of golf coupon, awesome!  The kids had fun but no clue on what to do.  Eric and I helped a lot but they really didn't want our help!  When we got to the water holes, they loved hitting the balls into the water!
So excited to be a big kid!
Both wanted to be the first player at each hole!
All three putting at the same time!
Daddy helping Molly putt!
Daddy helping Jack putt!
Daddy helping Will putt!  Thanks Daddy!

A pretty fun night for free!  Hopefully we can go again to one in Kansas where it won't be as hot!

Last week, we went with our friends Preston, Lyla, Ben, Ellie, Elise, Lily, and Elijah (and their moms too) to Blue Bell!  If you have never had the joy of experiencing Blue Bell, go, now, to your nearest store and buy some!  It is worth the price!  So good!  We are fortunate enough to live about an hour away from the factory and hadn't been since Will was a newborn, so off we went for a fun day!  The tour was very informative, they were making ice cream sandwiches, Banana Split ice cream, Popsicles, and Very Cherry Vanilla, oh yum!  After the tour, everyone gets a scoop of ice cream in their cute parlor!  For $8, our family enjoyed our share of ice cream (Cookies and Cream for the boys, Rocky Road for Molly, and Red Velvet for myself).
Will, Lyla and Molly outside the factory after our tour!
The whole group loving the ice cream!

He ate every single bite!  
Some wonderful memories made from some of our favorite spots in Texas!
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