Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I love a great deal!

Yesterday, we had a few showings and I had a gift card I needed to use at La Centerra  (where we watched the fireworks), plus I had a discount card from Monday's with Mommy (a Kindermusik event every 1st Monday September through May!) so we headed off to shop!  I needed either two things:  clothes or home decor!  I was happy with finding either!

Our first stop:  Kirklands!  We walk in and right away, I find this:

Is that not just so adorable?! It's hanging on our front door and I'm in love with it!  Maybe someone will buy our house because of the cuteness of our door decoration?!

Then, we're walking around and I stumble on:

It's a floor pouf and I've been in love since I read about them on Becky's blog (go check it out, it's awesome!).  I love it and it looks so cute in our office and will look adorable in our new house!

So, with my awesome finds in hand, I go to the register, present my items and discount card, convinced the skeptical worker that it is a valid discount card, paid with my gift card and my grand total of these awesome finds:  $12!  That's right!  The door decor was originally $15 marked down to $12 and the floor pouf was originally $70, marked down to $30!  $30 gift card, discount used and the grand total of $12 spent!  I was too excited and my excitement was contagious because Will and Molly love the pouf and take turns jumping off of it!  Maybe next time I'll just stick with clothes!

Any good deals you've found lately?

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