Sunday, July 8, 2012

4th of July Fun!!

What a week, it was crazy!  Thank God for a fun holiday on Wednesday, our family needed the break!

Our neighborhood has a parade, so we headed over to the park around 9:45 and lined up with the rest of the kids and families...that's right, the parade is the neighborhood firetruck and the families from the neighborhood, either riding bikes, wagons, or walking.  About 6 people stand on the sidewalk to watch!  You would think it was the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade in our house, we decorated the wagon and Jack's bike with streamers and we only heard about a hundred times, "when does the parade start?!"
After the parade, there were blow-ups, games, and a train ride.  Our kids wanted the train ride and we stood in line for roughly 45 minutes, watching the hoola-hoop contest, award ceremony for the parade, and ate some ice cream.  The train took us around the small lake and we rode about one mph, fun!  After the train ride, the kids bounced around on some blow-ups and we ate hot dogs and chips.  Can we be more American?!

We went home for naps and to relax before the fireworks that night.  Ate some delicious hamburgers off the grill, good job Eric!  I painted Molly's nails blue and red with matching glitter and then she insisted I painted my nails clear with red, white and blue glitter.  Glitter is really hard to remove from fingernails, just to let you know!

Once the glitter dried, we walked over to watch the fireworks at the local outdoor mall close to our house.  We enjoyed all the sights, sounds, and smells and got a prime spot to watch the fireworks.   Eric and I loved watching all the crazies park along the highway (which is right next to the mall) just to see the fireworks!  Good times!

Once they got started two things occurred:  Molly was in heaven!  After every firework, "That's my favorite!  This is my bestest holiday!  Look at how pretty!"  It was so adorable!  Second:  Will freaked out, clinging to me for all his life and refused to look at the sky.  He was so scared!  Poor guy!  Of course, the second the fireworks were over, he was all talk about how cool they were and joining Jack and Molly about their favorite fireworks!  

On the walk home, Jack loved seeing all the cars in such a long traffic jam and us moving faster then the cars by us walking!  (Insane the number of cars and how people don't know how to drive in such a situation, hope we don't have to evacuate anytime soon!)

We surprisingly had more fireworks in our actual neighborhood the days following 4th of July than that evening.  Apparently July 6th is the new holiday?!

Hope everyone had a great 4th!
Waiting for the fireworks to start!

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