Tuesday, June 19, 2012

That little things...

AUGH!!  That's me screaming!  Life has been a little up and down lately with Eric in working his new job, putting the house on the market, showings, trying to find our family a new house, and maintaining peace, calm, and a decent routine for our children.  A little rocky, but the kids are getting super spoiled by their grandparents (though a little tired and grouchy), I'm getting spoiled by all my free time, but we're having Realtor issues (as in, finding a new one NOW!) and haven't found a house we love.  But, we're not going to focus on those things, we're going to focus on the little joys we've experienced the past few weeks!

*Our new carpet...it's awesome!  I love it!

*Our beautiful, clean house for sale.  Really, can we keep our next house this awesome?

*All the pools in our neighborhood, going to miss those but we're loving on them as much as we can before we move!

*Body Attack

*Arriving in Kansas safely and minimal yelling or injuries!

*Jack Stack BBQ...so. wonderfully. delicious!

*Watching the Polar Bear at the Kansas City Zoo.  I love him.  He was the most active animal I've ever seen at any zoo.  He was so cool!

*Riding on the train at the zoo with my kids!  They were so happy and there were 2, yes TWO, tunnels!

*Seeing friends and family in Kansas City and being so excited to see them all the time, not once a year!

*My friend Jennifer's Ice Cream Sandwich Dessert.  Unbelievable.  A layer of ice cream sandwiches, a layer of Cool Whip, a layer of peanuts and hot fudge.  Repeat.  And then repeat inhaling several servings.  I love her for making this dessert!

*All three kids playing with all the old toys my in-laws have kept from their four children.

*Going to the library and the kids checking out 28 books!

*Our kids helping my in-laws watering plants, washing cars, and setting the table.  Such great helpers!

*Jack sleeping in until 8:45 several days in a row!  Now the other 2 need to stop waking up at 6:15.  They sit in front of my in-laws bedroom door, waiting for Papa to go downstairs for work.  I asked Molly what her and Will do, "We sit and look at the door."

*Sleeping in the basement bedroom, with the dark-out shades, stars on the ceiling, and sleeping like I did before kids!

*Looking at houses!  I know, I complained about our Realtor, but I just love house hunting!  It's so much fun to get decorating ideas, be nosey, and dreaming!

*Celebrating our 7th Anniversary at the Melting Pot on the Plaza with my wonderful husband!


*Reading a good book...just ran out and bought the last book of the Fifty Shades of Gray series.  I feel like I'm reading Twilight again (staying up late reading a book, finishing the book and rushing out to buy the next one).

*Clean towels

*Watching our kids do the Slip-N-Slide

*Dinner at our friends Jill and Matt.  We love them.  We love their sons Luke and Cameron!

*Walking on all the bike trails here and all the trails are shaded!

*Seeing Madagascar 3 with my favorite six year old!  He is so excited for Despicable Me 2!  Only one more year Buddy!

*Will building a trash truck on Papa and Grandma's couch.  Apparently this is inherited trait because Eric did the same thing when he was young!  Everything from shoes, toys, pillows, magazines, remotes, sippy cups, you name it, end up on the couch.  Then, Will sits at the end of the couch to drive his trash truck and makes stops along his route by adding more trash. It's adorable!

So many little things to be thankful for!


  1. That's my current chalkboard quote "enjoy the little things." To remind me to chill out :)

    1. Oh Becky, it's almost an hourly reminder these days! I'm trying though!

  2. Those kids sure love their Papa. I was talking to him on the phone Sunday and every few minutes we were interrupted with "Papa, what are you doing?" or "Papa, can I...?"

    I'm guessing that Will is also like Eric in that when he is done playing trash truck he doesn't put anything back where it belongs. He leaves that to mom.

    1. Oh Rebecca, how they love that Papa!


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