Friday, June 29, 2012


What do you get when you have three showings in one day?  Three exhausted kids and mama!  Whew!  I'm so excited that we're having so many showings, but come on people, make an offer!  I can only yell at my kids so much to stay off the just vacuumed carpet before each showing! It's been a long week and I have zero inspiration on what to blog about (unless you want to hear all about vacuuming).  So, I made a list of our exciting (very questionable) life!

*Today, for our three showings, we went to the Y, so I could do Pilates!  I love Pilates and it was exactly what I needed to end this week!

*After Pilates, the kids and I spent almost 3 hours at the pool.  All three were exhausted and took awesome naps!

*I'm drinking coffee right now (it's 5:39 pm) to stay awake for 9:30 showing of Magic Mike.  I'm so excited to see a movie with lots of hot guys in it!  I need something that makes me not think for awhile!

*I went with Eric last night to a work dinner.  I got to dress up (if you count white jeans as dress up) and wear perfume!  I ate the shrimp scampi and two slices of garlic bread.  A little on the wild side, I know!  It was great to only worry about my meal, not take anyone to the bathroom, and eat yummy food I didn't prepare!

*Our baby-sitter and I talked about Twilight for the 20 minutes we waited for her mom.  I felt like a teen-ager all over again, sharing our love of Bella, Edward and the books.  I can't stand the movies (even though I've seen all of them in the theater and will see the last one in November...don't judge!) but she loves Kristen Stewart (ewww), so whatever.  I felt so cool until I told her how I love to read and how I stood in line for the Harry Potter books when they first came out.  She then made me feel ancient.  Next time, I won't brag about that to someone under the age of 25.  Sad.

*Jack is playing Mario Kart and we're all sitting here while I'm typing this mesmerized at his awesome skills.  One would think he is the coolest Mario Kart player ever.  But he keeps shaking the steering wheel and when I asked why, "That's how you play, Mom!"  Insert annoyed tone for him.

*We went to Blue Bell this week (maybe I could write about that...some other day?) and sampled the red velvet ice cream.  Super yummy but a tad disappointed it wasn't chocolate.  I guess Blue Bell isn't always perfect, just super close!

*I worked out this week for the first time in two weeks and have felt like an 80 year old the entire week.  Wowzers, it doesn't take much to get you out of shape.  Darn you cheesy corn bake from Jack Stack!  Or maybe I should just stick with blaming myself for not working out, just wearing my workout know, that doesn't count as a workout if you only wear the clothes but don't workout.  Bummer!

*I had two no good, horrible, bad, bad days.  Like, a few too many people outside of my family heard my ugly, growling, mad voice that I usually reserve for my family, like after I vacuum before a showing.  Not good.

Have a great weekend!  We have zero plans but hope for lots of showings and an offer on our house!  We need a weekend of veggie out and relaxing!  Next week is my favorite holiday, can't wait!

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