Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Not So Sad Good-bye

We're all ready starting to say good-bye before we move, especially to our friends and teachers at our schools.  The kids are starting to ask about the next time they'll see their friends again and I sadly have to say "I don't know when."  Sad.

We have had a good-bye that has not been sad, but came with much happiness!

Let's begin with a back story.  When I was pregnant with Will, we knew we had to get a new kitchen table, one more chair, or a new table with five or more chairs.  Luckily, he was able to hang out in the high chair the first year but that high chair took up a lot of room and was always in the way.  But, we didn't have a chair for him or a booster and we could not for the life of us find a table we liked, so he stayed in the high chair for a little longer.  Then, our sweet friends the Tillson's offered us a chair they had laying around that was similar to our kitchen set.  They said we could borrow the chair for as long as we needed and just give it back when a kitchen table solution was found.

That was 2 and a half years ago.  Still have the chair, not a new kitchen table solution.

Well, we have to give back the chair because we can't ship it from Kansas and that chair is one of the biggest fights amongst the three children.  We will go kitchen table shopping when we get there, oh how I've missed Nebraska Furniture Mart!  Back to the chair, it saved us in so many ways but it was pure torture at most meals or any interaction in our kitchen.

We had to create a daily chair rotation so each child fairly had turn in the chair.  If it's their day, they sit in the chair, pick their vitamin first, start my coffee by pushing the on button (there was almost bloodshed if it wasn't your day) say prayers at dinner, get the Jayhawk plate and silverware, and speak about their day first at dinner.  If you are caught in the chair and it's not your day, there will be tears, screams, pulling and pushing, and proclaiming, "It's my day, not yours!!!"  The chair has been thrown out (maybe) in our backyard, to be put into timeout after a fight or five.  It was used daily as a stool to wash hands at the sink, help me make dinner, and the engine for the chair train made by the kids.  Such memories.  It was decorated for birthdays, because it was your day and your chair.  The chair was always chosen by our friends who were over to play and needed a snack, making the child who's day it was a tad jealous they had to give up their chair.  Even if we were coloring or doing an art project, it had to be your day to sit in the chair.  Eric and I hardly ever sat there, trying to avoid a fight, tears, or being pushed off.  I'm serious.

Last Saturday, the day before listing our house, the chair was said good-bye to from the Brew Crew.  All three kids had their last day with the chair and now they are confused about who gets the Jayhawk plate, or star my coffee, but the fights are gone and there is no longer, "It's my day!!"

Thank you Tillson's for the sweet chair and memories!

See how crowded we were with the high chair and see how cute he is?!  I miss these days!

Jack in the chair for his birthday, I think I tried to hide the chair since it didn't match because this is the best I could find!

A little different from the rest of the chairs (please put all of your attention to the cute girl on the right...the one on the left is scary looking first thing in the morning!)


  1. So funny Liz! We have to mark the calendar for everything, even who goes first to say their "thank you God..." at bedtime with our prayers or yes there are tears, screaming, yelling (and that is not good especially at prayer time) Glad it's not just our children :)

  2. Hello dear ^^ your blog is so pretty! let's follow each other, would be fun :)what do u say?:X


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