Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Grateful for Grace

We have been fortunate to find a wonderful church home here in Texas.  Sunday, was the kids last day of Sunday School and so began more good-byes, some very sad good-byes.  Let me start from the beginning. *Side note:  This is a tad more personal then I expected but no worries, I'm not giving our address, body stats, or social security numbers!  Whew!  Keep on reading!

I was raised Catholic, went to Catholic Schools K-12, taught in Catholic Schools for Preschool, 1st Grade and while I subbed, and never went to another church except to Eric's occasionally.  Eric, growing up Christian, his family went to churches all over with other family members and were active in the church they attended.  I was not interested in attending his church or open to his religious views and there was no discussion other then that...ever.  Sad.  We were married in a Catholic Church (sigh...so pretty!) and baptized Jack and Molly in the same church (actually Baptized Jack on our 1 year anniversary)!  We went to church as a married couple occasionally but when we moved to Texas, I was determined to find us a church home...as in on a mission from God!

So, every Sunday, we headed out to a new church where I was very disappointed because a.  we were not kindly welcomed b.  the kids were horrible and we had to sit in the cry room while they threw every toy, food, and sippy cup I gave them c.  Eric was very annoyed at a, b, and me d.  nothing in the bulletin mentioned anything about mom's groups, bible studies, etc.  "Hello, I need friends!"  I wanted to shout.

After visiting every single Catholic Church in our area, and me feeling more sad and desperate for not finding a church or friends (not sure why I put so much into only finding friends at church, no worries, found them other places too!) our friends mentioned their church that the loved and invited us to attend that Sunday.  Eric was super excited but I was not.  It was Methodist, I was going to go to Hell for stepping foot in there, and my kids wouldn't even be with me.  No.  But, our friends were persistent, told me I would not to to Hell, and our kids would beg to go back the next week.  Plus, a new sermon series on marriage was beginning.  Hmmm....why not?

Long story all ready getting long...we went and LOVED it!  I cried the whole time, the music was great, and the sermon was amazing!  It was the first time ever that I felt God there with me, learned something from the message, and truly got it.  Not sure what it is or can really describe it, but it was an experience I get every time I go!  The kids were both loved on the whole time...it was amazing to get something out of church, be greeted warmly and welcomed, and find out a ton of info for kids and moms!  Friends!  God!  Love!

I was hesitant on joining but prayed, trusted God (a first, sadly), and let Him lead our family down an amazing journey!  Jack and Molly loved the preschool, all three kids loved Sunday School (all three had an amazing teacher Miss Lisa who started with Jack, taught Molly last year, and Will this year!), I joined a mom's group and LOVED it, we look forward to going to church each Sunday and all five of us get an amazing message about God and leave feeling good about ourselves and know God is with us!  When we picked up the kids on Sunday from their last class,  all of their teachers hugged our kids, Miss Lisa hugged all three, and some teachers have been with them since we started!  We have made some lifelong friends throughout our time at Grace and words cannot express our gratitude to our friends for inviting us that one Sunday!

If you don't have a church home, find one and find one you and your family love!  There are so many out there and let God lead the way!  I have to remind myself of that often, but as the wonderful Jim Leggett (our Pastor) says, "Give God the car keys and put yourself in the passenger seat."  If you need a church and live in Katy/West Houston, check out Grace Fellowship UMC, it's amazing!    I'm praying for another church our family will love!  Thanks for letting us share!


  1. B and I have kind of felt the same about all of the catholic churches around here. We currently drive out to Richmond sometimes to go there! What's the deal with that!?

    1. That is sad Lauren, not sure if it's the churches here or not but I think it's important to find a church home that makes your family happy! Good for you guys for driving to Richmond, Eric would never go for that!

  2. Liz, I did not know you had all that Catholic background. So glad you found a great church here and hopefully one just as great back home. Fun hanging out with you guys today!

  3. Oh yes Becky! Kindergarten through 12th grade, I truly loved my upbringing and all the traditions of the Catholic mass, but we just didn't find the right one here! I hope we find a great one there too! Have a great weekend!


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