Saturday, June 30, 2012

Good-bye Old, Gross Carpet!

Knowing we were putting our house on the market earlier this month, we did a lot of work to our house to get it "For Sale" ready.  Paint, deep cleaning and scrubbing, cleaning out closets, organizing, and getting new carpet.  Ours was disgustingly stained from the five of us and it wasn't in the best condition when we moved in four years ago.  Grape juice, bleach, vomit, diaper cream, paint, dirt, ink, and the normal wear and tear of people running all over a house stained our carpet.  So, we spent a lot of money replacing all the carpet in our house and while we waited for the carpet install date, we had several showings.  What was the ONLY negative feedback?  "Didn't like the carpet."  Even though, we had signs informing when the new carpet was coming.  Not annoyed over here, not one bit.
So, the night before our new carpet was installed, I got out the markers, had a long talk with the kids about this being a one time thing and NEVER AGAIN WILL THIS HAPPEN, and they went to town to do this:

That's right, they help destroy the carpet some more by coloring with markers all over the carpet and they loved every single second of it!  They colored for the longest time and kept running all around finding new places to color on the carpet! All three had so much fun and no one (knock on wood) has gone near the carpet with a marker since!

I don't have a picture of our new carpet, but it's so pretty!  This is the second house in a row that we've installed new carpet and moved within a month.  Never again!  While looking at houses in Kansas, a lot of houses were turned down due to their carpet situation.  Luckily, our new house mostly has hard wood floors, and the carpet looks great!  Whew!  Now, we need to keep it that way!

Two last things:  I figured out how to send my comments through email, so hopefully when you comment, when I reply, you'll get it in your email!  And, I figured out how to post through my phone!  That's why the pictures are a tad blurry, the kids would not stay still for me to take a decent picture on my camera, guess that means they were having fun!

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