Monday, May 7, 2012


When Eric and I met, we were 16 and so in love.  I mean, we're not talking puppy love here folks!  We talked on the phone all the time, had so much in common, I mean, we ordered the exact same thing at Taco Bell (2 tacos and a Dr. Pepper, he got soft shells, me crunchy), and I would help him wash his car, tweak and repair his car stereo every weekend.  That's love!  He had the car stereo and speakers where you heard him coming before you saw him, and it was so loud.  The bass would shake your whole body and I thought he was the COOLEST GUY EVER!  We drove around all the time in his 1988 Honda Accord and what was the CD of choice for most of these adventures?  Why  Beastie Boys  License to Ill of course! "Fight for Your Right, To Party," "Girls," "Brass Monkey," and "Paul Revere" were our favorites!  The memories!  Once he got to college, he bought his first truck and sadly, the days of hearing before seeing him come down the road were over.

Well, when we heard MCA passed away last week, someone got out his old License to Ill CD and guess what we listened to on our way to church Sunday morning?  You guessed it!  The kids favorite song is "Girls," especially because the lyrics say, " clean the bathroom.  Girls. Girls. Girls..."  They laughed every time and then asked for the song again and again!

So, RIP MCA, thanks for making some amazing music but no worries, the next generation is enjoying your music!

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