Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pictures of the Brew Crew Kids!

Around the end of April, I start to panic about the approach of the month of May. I've all ready posted about our busy (and I didn't include anything about moving!) month of May, but I panic because there's Mother's Day, Eric's birthday, my father-in-laws birthday, end of the year gifts for you sense the panic?!  I'm in charge of presents in general for our families, but I hoped, prayed, dreamed that I was off the hook for Mother's Day for all the mother's in our family.  No such luck...EVER!  So, every year, I scramble around getting presents for the mother's, father-in-law, husband, teachers, wrap, mail them off, and feel no joy from any of it!  This year, I had a wonderful idea that would make everyone happy, even myself!  Wow!  When Eric was off in California, I had my sweet friend Kami take pictures of our kids and I would use those pictures to give as presents to everyone (well, not the teachers, but I had a great idea for them too....hold on for the next time)!  The bonus, I could use those pictures myself, it was a gift for me too!  Awesome!

I had very low standards..I only wanted 1 picture of the three kids looking at the camera.  I didn't care if they were smiling, I just wanted them to look at the camera.  Here is why I asked for that:

This one makes me laugh, I love her!
"Jack, look at the camera!"  "I am!"
This is the picture I lost it at...all I needed for them was to LOOK at the camera!

See, LOOK at the camera!  That's all!  Smiling wasn't high on the list because looking at the camera and smiling was too much to handle!  So, these are the outtakes, Kami did an AMAZING job and I'm so impressed that she got several amazing ones of all three and of each one individually!  Above and beyond what I expected!  

Here are some individual pictures:

And now...what we've all been waiting for...a picture of all three kids looking at the camera!  I was on pins and needles waiting to see if there was one!

They love each other!
The winning photo for most gifts!
Love this one!
Love Will's hand in his pocket!

Hope you enjoyed looking at my cute kids!  If you need an amazing photographer, let me know, Kami is a miracle worker!  Let me know your thoughts!


  1. What cuties!!! I love the pic of them sitting. They all have such gorgeous eyes :)

  2. Thanks for sharing are a sweetheart and we are going to miss the BREW CREW!!!!!!!!


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