Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Photo A Day in May!

I'm linking up with Fat Mum Slim for her photo a day challenge.  I've seen others post pictures and I love looking at them, but I also thought it looked easy enough to try!  Plus, I can be creative (right?) and share more pictures of my cute little family!  Let's get started..I'm all ready behind a day, I may procrastinate a tad in life!

Day 1:  Peace ~ I actually used a picture of Will from when he was sick awhile back, not quite sure what he was sick with, but I love this peaceful looking picture of him sleeping!  It breaks my heart when my kids are sick but I love the extra cuddles I get!

Day 2:  Skyline ~ My backyard counts as a skyline...right?  We weren't heading anywhere near a skyline with buildings today and I love our backyard view, so why not!

I'm so excited to share tomorrow and to see others photos!

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