Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Go Astros!

Will has never been to a professional baseball game and we have a busy summer ahead, so we decided to spend our  Sunday afternoon relaxing at the Astros game.  One would think we were at an away game because the Rangers were in town (more blue and Ranger cheers the whole game) but we had so much fun!

We get there and of course the lady checking my bag forbids to me to bring in our bag of peanuts.  She told me I needed a Ziploc bag and I asked her for one, but she told me she didn't have one.  So, I asked what I'm supposed to do with our peanuts and she told me to not report her to her boss and go on in.  Interesting.

We rode up four escalators (all 3 kids loved them) and found our seats, a little high but a great view of the field!  Will was in heaven, base ball, trains, and a peanuts!  Actually all 3 kids loved the peanuts, so happy I didn't run into the purse check lady boss!  Right after the first pitch, Molly started asking for popcorn, cotton candy, sno cones, water, Dr. Pepper, ice cream, nachos, a hot dog.  Mind you, we all ate before we arrived at the game and everyone else was very content with the peanuts and water I brought.  Poor thing or poor Eric and Jack because she was sitting between them!  Lucky for us, the 1st inning was forever, with 5 home runs by the Texas Rangers!  Whew!  Around the 4th inning (which were a lot faster then the 1st) and hundreds of peanuts later, we walked around, watched the game some more and bought some cotton candy after much begging and pleading from our little girl!  She took one bite and asked for popcorn.  Sigh.

We decided it was time to leave because when we said no to popcorn, someone had a little meltdown,  one kid wanted to be carried because he had a very short nap, and and the oldest just wanted to watch the game.  What to do?!  Head on home!  We had fun and enjoyed a relaxing (for the most part) afternoon at the game!

We didn't take many pictures and the ones we did turned out horrible, maybe it's because we were so busy opening peanuts or the fact that we had very high seats!

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