Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Almost Graduate

Late Thursday night, I flew to Kansas City for graduation at Benedictine College in Atchison, KS.  I put "Almost Graduate" because he's not done until December but is choosing to go through this springs graduation.

Friday began in the most awesome way EVER!  I woke up to a phone call from home and talk to my four favorite people until Jack had to go to the bus stop and then laid in bed for over an hour watching TV.  AMAZING!  Then, I went to eat breakfast, alone, and enjoyed fresh fruit, eggs, bacon and silence.  I showered, got dressed and then my aunt, uncle and grandmother picked me up from my hotel to meet my parents at Bravo for lunch.  Had an amazing salmon salad and wine, then off to Atchison for Matt's (the brother, graduate) Baccalaureate Mass.  Well, first, we had to drop off my dad at the church since he was one of the deacons and then my mom and I walked over to Matt's dorm/apartment.  It was good seeing him (last time was Thanksgiving 2010) but his living space was disgusting and messy and smelled like boy.  Then, we walked back to the church (it's a very small campus) and waited in the church for over an hour, had to get there early to get a seat.  Yawn.  After over 2 hours of Mass, my bottom was numb and I was hungry...again.  We took lots of pictures, ate a little snack at a reception and went to eat at a place called Willies.  Excellent beer and fried pickles!  We went to another bar, but that name is slipping from me right now, but it was a fun time!
Wow, he's graduating?  
The Almost Graduate

The Almost Graduate and The Deacon
Saturday was an early wake-up, with breakfast at McDonald's on the way back up to Atchison (we stayed in North KC by the airport) and for the first time EVER my dad allowed us to eat in his car.  We almost went into shock.  After a long wait outside in the freezing rain (no, 60's in cold rain doesn't feel good or refreshing), we were allowed inside to wait some more!  At least I saw my sweet friend Leslie's wonderful Grandma Clare!  I lover her!  We got seated around 9 and graduation started at 10:30, so I was smart and brought my book..."Fifty Shades of Gray"...just a little pornographic fiction for a Saturday morning Catholic college graduation.  I pretty much read through most of the was a little on the boring side and my book was really good!
Waiting for graduation to start...obviously this is the stage

The Graduate and The Grandmother~she's awesome!

That's me on the left, The Almost Graduate, The Grandmother, and our only cousin (yes, that's all folks, we have a small family)
The Fam...The Deacon, The Proud Mother, The Almost Graduate, and Me!

After the graduation and thousands of pictures, I went back to his dorm room to help him pack, clean and move out.  I cleaned his ceiling fan and then read my book some's really good!  After a few hours and my stomach growling, we went back to Willie's for lunch, shopping at Nell Hills while the boys went to Matt's new house to sleep and unpack, and then Wal-Mart to get ready for a BBQ.  The BBQ was fun, met a lot of his friends, and it was nice just hanging out with my family.  We headed back to the hotel around 8 and I talked to Eric before going to bed....because I had a 7:50 am flight to catch the next morning!

Yes, had to get home to celebrate Mother's Day and Eric's birthday with my sweet family but had a lot of fun in Atchison celebrating the almost graduate...only a semester left, right?!

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