Friday, April 6, 2012

What is wrong with people?

Eric freaked me out the other day telling me about people taking pictures off of blogs and using those pictures for them self, as in, these are my kids, my family, my wife!  WTH people!?!!  If you are one of THOSE people, please leave this blog immediately and DON'T use my kids pictures for your own life!  He also told me sometimes people use pictures for ID's and passport photo's..really?  He is known to over exaggerate and normally I roll my eyes at him and just post away, but this one really got me thinking!  If you're stealing our pictures for your own use...let me help you find the perfect picture of us!  Good luck wanting to claim these people as your own like I proudly do!

Not sure about what is going on here...

A very typical picture of the 3

Just another dinner

Someone give that kid a haircut!

Pretty typical and I look really mad here, but I'm not, most likely annoyed  that Eric's taking our picture!


He was a little annoyed at getting his picture taken

Wow!  The extremes of Molly! 

I looked stoned and he looks confused

He might divorce me for this, but there are a lot worse pictures of him, so he should thank me!
Now, stop taking our pictures and get a life!

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