Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Nothing grosses me out more then mayo, grinding teeth, the smell of spit up formula, green snot pouring out of a nose and being licked, and loose teeth.  When kids have a loose tooth and just sit there and wiggly it...all day..long.  When I taught 1st grade, if you have a loose tooth, I kindly asked the students to not EVER wiggle their teeth in front of me...ever!  And of course, guess who had two loose teeth this month?!  Jack!  His bottom front teeth were loose at the same time!  I totally thought I could handle the loose teeth thing with our kids, I've cleaned up their spit up (ew, but not horrible, maybe because it wasn't formula spit up?), throw up, pee, poop, diarrhea, snot (and yes, we have lickers of the snot in our group), thrown food, dirt, sand, grass out of various parts, but I got a bit queasy with his two teeth!  Especially when one bent backwards while brushing his teeth the other night.  I have goose bumps, it 's so gross.

The fun part, of course, is the teeth falling out?  Tooth Fairy?  My vote is Tooth Fairy, especially since that's the fun part!  The first tooth "fell" out with Eric's help, not quite sure how it happened, but there was some yelling from both, and Eric saying, "Just hold still and it won't hurt too bad."  Hmm...The second one came out at lunch at school and everyone in his class was so excited!  So, for the first tooth, he got $10 (extreme, I know, but that's all the Tooth Fairy had in her wallet) and a note from the Tooth Fairy, he LOVED it!  The second tooth received a dollar coin and a dollar bill (Tooth Fairy didn't have much money that night), he was so excited he woke up at 5:30 in the morning and woke me up to show me what he got from the Tooth Fairy.

Right now, no new loose teeth (praise God) and Eric and I have an agreement that this is his thing, the whole loose tooth, loosing teeth, pulling teeth stuff.  We're just beginning this adventure and I love seeing how excited he gets over loosing his teeth!  Molly tells us her teeth are loose too, she so wants to be big!

That bottom right tooth is so gross!  

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