Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Joy in Life

A few changes have been made around "here," as in the blog, our family, and in my own life.


We have a new name!  The Brew Crew's new web address is dailydoseofthebrewcrew.blogspot.com
I was thinking our old name was a little outdated, it did include the town we live in, but I wanted to keep The Brew Crew in our title.  Apparently The Brew Crew is quite popular, but I finally came up with The Daily Dose of The Brew Crew...no promises that there will be a daily dose of us, but that goes along with our next change!


Truly not much has changed with our family, except the kids are growing, loving life, and finishing up their school years.  Molly has three weeks of school left and Jack has six weeks, crazy!  Will is starting to go potty more and more each day, so we might be climbing on the potty training wagon soon, breath, it will be awesome!  No stress!  We starting to make summer plans and lists about what we MUST do this summer, I'm so excited to have all three kids home everyday.  No, really, I am!  Just to have not set schedules but a nice, simple routine, so peaceful!  Talk to me in mid-July, my tune may be a tad different!


This is a big one, at least for me.  A few weeks ago I went to a little one-on-one spiritual counseling retreat through our church that lasted most of a Saturday afternoon.  It was eye-opening, emotional, full of God's love and spiritually moving!  A life changer that's for sure!  I had to write a detailed list of people to forgive throughout my entire life and then pray for the loses I felt resulted from those people.  Deep.  What the two amazing women told me at the end of our session is that I was blessed with a voice that God gave me and now I need to speak up and use that voice to share my beliefs, thoughts, opinions, and not be afraid of what others will think of me because I will be speaking God's words**.  At first I was all, please, I can't do that and where, to who, when?  Now, I'm like, hello, here is the perfect spot!  I'm not going to go all preacher on you, but I may just have a few things to share hence the "Daily Dose" in the blog.  Whoa!

The main thing I want to focus on is my children and still our fun little life, because raising these three has been quite entertaining and they say the cutest things!!  The other focus is trying to find joy, not happiness, in life.  I always said in the past that I want happiness and I want my children to be happy, but that's hard sometimes to find.  But, you can find joy, even on the hardest day, there can be little pockets of joy.  Someone at church recently spoke about losing their child in a tragic death, and she shared that she kept asking for rainbow moments throughout the thunderstorm and she said God ALWAYS gave her a rainbow moment!  Wow!  So, I want to use my voice to help through the thunderstorms and to find the rainbows!  I really hope you come back and will share some of your joys!

Have a great day!

**Side note:  Do not be concerned if you think you were on my list of people to forgive.  I will not be confronting you, writing you a letter, calling you up to yell or expecting an apology.  It is more about forgiveness, praying, and moving on to NOT repeat the cycle in my life towards people I love or encounter.  

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