Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy (Belated) 6th Birthday Jack!

Two Thursdays ago, Jack turned 6 and he had such a wonderful day!  Actually, the day before he came home with not one but TWO loose teeth (more about that later) and one adult tooth growing in all ready!  His actual birthday, he woke up to streamers all over the house and in his door, and of course, opening presents before school!

He had a great day at school, he brought a KU cookie cake (the cake decorator had no idea who KU was or what a Jayhawk was, these Texas people...there's more to life then Aggies and Longhorns!).  He also had a birthday crown and lots of special treats!  At home, he had a ton of phone calls from friends and family, played with his new toys, and we enjoyed grilled ham and cheese, strawberries, and brownies with cookies and ice cream for dessert!

Such a wonderful boy who deserves the best birthday!  For bed time, we read "On the day you were born.."  such a wonderful little story.  My favorite line is the last..."We are so glad you are here."  And we are, Jack!

Happy Birthday Jack!  2 VERY excited children early in the morning!

One not so excited child...don't mess with him until he has his milk

A globe

PEZ!!!  This was the most popular present with all the kids!

Mario Kart pajama pants!  

More presents after school...Lego fire station (only a little over 600 pieces)
His own clipboard, with storage for his paper, pens, pencils, markers, and highlighters!  He loves to carry around my clipboard and write, so now he has his own!

Our birthday boy!  

His requested cake...brownie and cookie cake!  YUM!
We don't have a picture of his new scooter that sparks when you put on the brakes, it's awesome!  He had a great birthday, thanks for all the love sent his way!

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