Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bowling, Blue Bonnets and Bunnies!

Easter weekend was full of fun and celebration!

Friday, Jack was off of school!  I love having him home with us!  We spent the morning going to a local church that acted out Holy Week, the kids loved it!  It was a great reminder of the real meaning of Easter!  That afternoon was Jack's birthday party!  He choose bowling with five of his closest friends, brother and sister and a Jayhawk cookie cake!  I thought they would play two games but they barely finished the first game in an hour!  And I promise Will was there, just MIA from the pictures...not sure why!

Wish I could take credit for making this, I hated paying so much for a cookie cake but it tasted so good!
(Sadly I had to bring a Jayhawk magnet with me because they didn't know what a KU or Jayhawks were...darn Texas)

We're so excited to go bowling!

The whole group, they were really into the game!

The only decent picture of the boys

Cookie cake, bowling, all of his friends, what a day!

How can you not love her?
Saturday was spent running errands and then we went to our friends the Leichts for their crawfish's boil...crawfish is amazing, plus beer, good friends, and happy children, a great night!  I made these super yummy lemon bars that I found on Pinterest, and they were super easy to make!

Sunday, Happy Easter!  Our kids woke up early to find eggs hidden and baskets waiting for them!  Husband of the Year did everything because someone (me) drank a little too much beer the night before and he got everything ready for him!  And, our kids got very little for Easter mainly because of recent birthdays and as a sweet friend reminded me..."It's not Christmas or their birthdays, they don't need so much junk."  So true!  Pez, construction paper and beads..they were happy!

Pez!  We love Pez!  

The kids got some craft projects, these are beads!  

Not quite as excited about the Pez here, but his was gone in a day!

Look who got an Easter basket this year!

After our Easter Egg Hunt (eggs full of money and M & M's), we got ready for church and went to a great service!  Then, we came home to grab our camera to take Blue Bonnet pictures!  With a quick stop for lunch at McDonald's (that was super busy for Easter Sunday)and an hour drive to find the Blue Bonnets, we were ready to take some pictures!  Well, someone fell asleep on the ride there and woke up a tad on the grouchy side, and refused to take any decent pictures.  If we had two kids, these pictures would have turned out awesome!

I love it, even with her tongue out!

He's so handsome!

Poor guy...maybe it's because he wore the same shirt two years in a row

She was in Heaven with all the flowers and butterflies!

The only picture of all three kids = FAIL

My favorite...can I photoshop the boys into this one?

My vision of perfect Blue Bonnet pictures didn't include reality, so we'll try again next year and someday I'll get a great picture of all 3 kids!

That night, we ate the traditional ham, cornflake potatoes (that have 2 sticks of butter and so yummy, but I forgot to add the cornflakes, but nobody noticed), and green bean casserole!  So good!  Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend, it's such a happy day!

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