Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Molly's Birthday, Part 2

Where were we?  So, the day after Molly's birthday, we had her 4 year check-up, a few rounds of antibiotics for the whole gang for various illnesses, and then her birthday party!  Doesn't 11 four year old girls coming to your house sound like fun?!  I was a little nervous about all of those girls, but girls are so easy to entertain!  Molly wanted a pretend sleepover, where all of her friends wore their pajamas, we ordered pizza, had a dance and karaoke party time, ate ice cream cone cupcakes and ice cream, decorated a pillowcase for Molly, opened presents, and finally, watched a movie with pink popcorn!  Thank you Pinterest for being so awesome!  Molly had so much fun, as did her brothers and friends!  All the girls went home looking exhausted and the boys crashed!  But Molly, no, she was bouncing up and down with excitement, talking a mile a minute, which is how she began the day at 6 a.m!  Here are some fun pictures from the party!

The party just starting, with music courtesy of Molly and Bella!  Love Jack dancing, he was so not going to wear pajamas until 2 minutes into the party and went to change.  So influenced!

Some more dancing and singing, tunes courtesy of Lyla and Aubrey!

Present time!  It was hard to keep the girls from opening the presents to help Molly!  

Singing, opening presents, and playing with the toys!   Crazy fun!

Dancing with her friends, she's so happy!

Waiting for their cupcakes and ice cream!


They all loved this song (can you tell karaoke was really popular?)

The little guy singing with Ciana, they were so cute!

Making our "scary face" when trying to get a group shot...they were so not interested in this!

Decorating Molly's pillowcase!

Finally, relaxing and watching a movie!
Happy 4th Birthday Molly!  We ALL love you so much!

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  1. What a fun party idea!! Happy (late) birthday Molly! :)


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