Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Molly started soccer a few weeks ago and had her first soccer game last Saturday!  She LOVES soccer!  The running, chasing after a ball, and playing with her friends for an hour is her perfect day!  The entire practice and game when she's playing, she giggles, so my daughter!  She is doing awesome for playing her first ever sport and she has two friends on her team she knows and instantly made friends with the other two girls (downfall of the team is that there are only 5 girls on the team).  They talk about playing at the park after practice, picking flowers on the field during the game, she was a little distracted by all the flowers, maybe the Y should mow the fields?

Getting ready for her 1st practice!  She was SO excited!

I love this picture of her, this is the Molly I love to pieces!

She was dancing here

Her team, with Coach Matt!  

Look at her form!

Concentration to a tee here!

That's her on the right with her friend and teammate Ciana!  The yellow team was really good but Molly had a blast!

Molly had so much fun Saturday and was full of energy all the day!  She helped Eric in the yard, ran errands with him, and helped me make some Easter crafts.  Around 4:30, she went up to her room and I found her asleep a bit later, and she woke up the next morning at 7:30!  Poor girl was exhausted!  She woke up Sunday morning saying, "I slept really good!"

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  1. How fun!! Those little girls are adorable, especially with the bows in their hair!


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