Monday, March 12, 2012

Amazing Teachers!

Our children have been extremely blessed to have amazing teachers this year (and Jack had amazing teachers last year too)!  In the past few weeks, their teachers have showed how amazing they are by going above and beyond what is expected!

The week of Molly's birthday and party was a busy one, especially since we were also sick!  Molly had her 4 year check on Wednesday, which included shots, but she was acting very normal!  Well, when I picked her up from school on Thursday, she looked exhausted and I just knew something wasn't right!  By 4:30, she had a 103 fever.  Poor thing, but little brother had the same fever and a sinus infection the past few days, so not too surprising!  Gave her some Motrin and she slept it off, waking up Friday a brand new person, we thought it was a reaction to her shots but a few days later she double ear infections in both ears, so who knows!  On Friday, her teacher Ms. Heather emailed checking on Molly because she noticed that throughout the day Molly was not her normal self!  She even napped at school, a first!  A very sweet and thoughtful email from her wonderful teacher!

A week after that, Jack came home from school after a normal day (I thought) and kept complaining about a hangnail.  Seriously, nonstop complaining until I trimmed it for him!  Typical night followed and the phone rang right after our bedtime routine with the kids.  It was Jack's teacher checking on him, he had fallen off the top of the playgroup equipment outside that afternoon at school and she was concerned about him.  Umm...really?  He complained about a hangnail and she was making sure he didn't have a concussion!  She said he fell when she blew the whistle and she sprinted towards him, and she said he just laid there for a few seconds with the wind knocked out of him.  Poor guy!  She told me he stood up, brushed all the wood chips off of him (I did notice he was a little dirtier then usual, I guess because he was covered head to toe), and said he did NOT want to go to the nurse, he was FINE (his words according to her)!  His teacher told me that she made him stay next to him the rest of the day and seemed great when school was over.  So sweet of her to call, check on him, and we shared a good laugh over his hangnail!

When I shared these stories, I had a few friends proclaim their shock when they heard the teacher waited a few hours or a day to contact me. How dare they have their own life and other students to worry about!   As a former I teacher, I totally understood the time between the events and contact with us, they didn't have to call or email, but they did!  We really appreciate their outreach to us and a few tears may have been shed both times because of how sweet they are and about how blessed our children are to share their days with these amazing women!  We are so thankful for their teachers and both Jack and Molly LOVE them and their schools!

Jack's first day of Kindergarten with his awesome teacher!
Molly's first day of preschool with her awesome teacher!  Sadly, Ms. Dayna was doing carpool, so we don't have one with Molly!

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