Friday, February 17, 2012

What Molly Wants for Her Birthday!

Oh, girlfriend!  My little girl turns 4 on Tuesday and we are all BURSTING with excitement!  Her birthday party is next weekend and in between today and next Saturday, we have a visit to daddy's office, Uncle Todd visiting (so LOTS of fun with him for four days), preschool, preschool snacks and birthday treats, pink day, and of course, her birthday!  Whew!

So, everyone is asking Molly what she wants for her birthday...well, the sweet girl wants dress-up clothes, dress-up shoes, and pajamas.  That is until last Tuesday when our neighbor at the bus stop asked her what she wanted.  Molly told her a baby sister named Ella.  Our neighbor turned to me all excited and I am shaking my head NO!  No bun in the oven!  This is NOT an announcement!  According to Molly though, she has everything worked out!  Room arrangements ("Will moves in with Jack on the bunk beds and then Ella will sleep in Will's crib!  Then Ella and I can get bunk beds when she turns 2!"), car seats arrangements ("Jack and I can sit in the back row and Ella and Will in the middle row!  In daddy's truck, Jack can sit up front with mommy and daddy!"), funding for our fourth child ("She can use my money from my piggy bank"), and even going to Disney Land (which is in the works but not decided) ("Baby Ella can ride on you like Baby Will did" (Moby Wrap, which Will lived in and I loved!!)).  Oh my Molly!  I love her!  We've have talked about Baby Ella for a few weeks as a family but this week Molly has gone public about her.  Eric and I keep telling her that we need to pray to Jesus about having another baby, and Molly told us that she all ready did and Jesus told her, "Yes!  Baby Ella is coming!  He's listening to me!"  Now, she's asking when Ella will get here, "Maybe for my birthday on Tuesday!"  It's so cute to listen to her and get all excited about her baby sister, how they're going to be best friends, share their clothes and toys, and we'll "finally get more girls around here!  Mommy, we need more girls!"
This is one of the million reasons I love her!  I know she's going to have a wonderful birthday from excitement alone!  But, I know for a fact that this is one birthday present she will not be getting this year!

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