Monday, February 13, 2012

Oh Pit!

Oh Monday, you kill me sometimes.  Today started with my oldest finishing two bites of his dinner he REFUSED to eat last night (two strawberries that MIGHT have a piece of blackberry on them), a book he was supposed to read over the weekend, and scrambling around getting dressed for the bus by 7:30.  Then, I threw the other two kids in the shower with me this morning to get ready to go to my mom's group by 9:30.  Well, they were having a fun time while I washed my face and Will dropped my huge shampoo bottle on my big toe, ouch!  I opened my eyes to look at my foot and all of my face soap went into my eyes, double ouch!!  I said a few choice words and then rinsed off my face.  I then apologized to my kids for saying bad words and told them I wasn't mad, just had a few ouchies!  Then, Molly said, "Oh, I didn't know pit was a bad word.  Is that why you said pit?"  "Yes, now we don't need to say bad words, and I'm sorry."  "It's OK mommy, we won't say pit again."  Here's hoping we won't have to say, "Oh Pit" again!

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