Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Molly's Birthday, Part 1

Yes, a two part post because her birthday was more of a birthday week instead of one day!  First up, her birthday!

Molly's birthday is February 21 and she woke up wide awake and SUPER excited last Tuesday morning! We had a busy weekend with Jack off of school for almost 5 days, Eric being home 4 days, and Uncle Todd in town visiting us, all of us were exhausted on Tuesday...except the birthday girl!  6 a.m she was in our bed, talking a million miles a minute, and jumping up and down on our bed!  When all the boys woke up (including Uncle Todd), she opened her presents, played with all of her presents, ran through the streamers hanging from her door and all throughout the house (a family tradition!), and ate a healthy meal of Lucky Charms, OJ, and fruit snacks.

Once Jack got on the bus, we all got ready to go to preschool and the airport (Daddy and Will took Todd to the airport)!  She wore an adorable cupcake dress (Thanks Grandma!), cupcake bow, brought cupcakes to share with her friends, and it was her week for snacks!  Big week!

After preschool, she played with her new toys, and listened to messages and talked to family on the phone who sweetly called her for her birthday!  Dinner that night was Chuy's and birthday cake ice cream at home!  The girl CRASHED that night!  What a great 4th birthday!

Enjoying fruit snacks at 6:30 in the morning...waiting for Uncle Todd to wake up!  One would think it's Christmas based on their pajamas!

Our Beautiful 4 year old daughter!  Where has the time gone?!!

Opening presents with her big brother's assistance!

New dress up clothes...thanks Papa and Grandma!

Dancing around after presents!

New purse and sandwich holder!

Chap sticks and Jewelry

Baby doll clothes!  

All of her new bows..she wanted to wear them all at once!

Best picture we got with Uncle Todd!

Ice Cream after dinner!  

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