Tuesday, February 7, 2012

100th Day of School!

To start, I just transferred all of our pictures off of our camera and we still have pictures from before Christmas on there, oops!  I have a little catching up to do!

Last Wednesday was Jack's 100th day of school and it was such a cute day for him!  First, he was ubber excited!  I love how much he loves school, learning, and telling us about what he has learned.  Second, on the 100th day, his school had a big parade for all the Kindergartners and they were to wear a shirt they decorated with 100 items on it!  Third, Molly now wants to know when it's her 100th day of preschool and really, really wants to make a shirt!

Well, we headed to Hobby Lobby one day in hopes of finding a super cute, cheap and easy 100 items to put on his shirt and what does he pick out in the entire store?  Jingle bells.  100  jingle bells.  My first thoughts were that we could glue them on with fabric glue.  Silly me!  That didn't work!  Instead, I sewed on 100 jingle bells while Jack occasionally checked in on my progress.  This was not at ALL how I envisioned the project.

On the 100th day, he jingled his way down the stairs and instantly a little girl and boy in our family wanted to touch the bells and Jack started pulling on them to make sure they were on. We had a brief talk about not pulling on them and that, for sure, 100% guarantee, a few were going to fall off.  I predicted about 10 but only 4 fell off, so I was pretty impressed with my craftiness!  He spend the whole day making 100 of everything, counting to 100 about a million times, and finally, at the end of the day, they had their parade and parents could come!  Yay!  My friend took a picture of him for me because Mom of the Year (me) forgot the camera, was holding a 2 year old and trying to stop the 3 year old from joining the parade!  He was so cute and I love his excited look on his face!  It was a great way to celebrate a great school year!

Jack waving at us during the parade!  Love this picture!

Jack after school!

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